Three new mini clamp meters are available. They feature a wire-grabbing jaw that makes it easy to separate and capture a wire from a tight bundle. They measure vac, vdc, aac, resistance, continuity, diode, as well as temperature and capacitance in the SC45 and SC46 units. To measure temperature with the SC45 and SC46, the included K-type thermocouple plugs directly into the meter for temperature compensation. The instruments have a built-in adapter plug. The SC46 also reads true RMS and has a backlight. All meters in this series are autoranging meters. The noncontact voltage (NCV) function warns the user when the NCV tab is close to live ac voltages. When it senses ac voltages down as low as 24 vac, it alerts the user by lighting up a large, bright LED and sounding a loud beeper. Even if the user doesn't touch the voltage, the NCV function senses it through the air.

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