Company: Fieldpiece Instruments Inc.

Product: SC480 and SC680

Description: These products work with the Fieldpiece Job Link® System App for on-the-go testing and reporting for HVACR electrical tests. Ideal for obtaining electrical measurements on mini splits, the included Molex tips are super thin to get readings on hard-to-reach circuitry. A low pass filter provides reliable voltage readings on variable frequency drives (VFDs). The SC680 model also measures DC amps for inverter systems. Both are CAT IV rated at 600 V, allowing the products to cover the higher levels of transient overvoltage HVACR professionals may encounter when working on utility service equipment. The devices test three-phase power with two leads and maintain wireless connection direct to mobile device at 115 feet. Included with the clamp meters are: SC680 or SC480 Job Link® System Power Clamp Meter, ATB1 Thermocouple (2x on SC680), ADLS2 Silicone Leads, ASA2 Gator Clip Leads, ANC7 Padded Case, and RCT2 Molex Tips.

Contact: 714-634-1844,, eProduct 186

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