The SC55 and SC56 clamp meters feature a swivel-head current clamp that enables technicians to rotate the head a full 180°, making it easy for technicians to see the display and controls no matter at what angle the meter is clamped. They measure vac, vdc, amps alternating current, resistance, continuity, diodes, as well as temperature (in °C and °F simultaneously) and capacitance. The SC55 and SC56 have a dual display so the current and voltage readings can be viewed at the same time. The SC56 has a backlit dual display, along with a LED flashlight in the clamp head. The flashlight makes it easy to clamp the appropriate wires. The meter also has an in-rush function which measures a motor’s in-rush current at start-up to easily diagnose an impending motor failure. The meter also reads true RMS. The SC55 and SC56 clamp meters can be used with all of the manufacturer’s accessory heads, which permits an even greater range of tests. The noncontact voltage (NCV) function on the meters alerts the tech whether a line is hot or not without touching the wire, and the auto-ranging function automatically determines the best resolution.

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