PHOENIX, AZ — Comfort Systems USA testified to the Arizona Corporation Commission on behalf of the advantages of demand-side management for statewide commercial energy customers.

The mechanical contractors detailed how energy-efficiency programs would improve the environment, reduce impacts on global warming, and promote a healthy business climate throughout Arizona.

Jorj Nofal, mechanical engineer and business development director for Comfort Systems USA, said, “The state could directly realize more benefit by establishing and promoting energy- efficiency programs in addition to building new power plants to meet growing energy demand.”

According to Nofal, energy con-sumption is increasing most rapidly in the commercial sector where hvac equipment accounts for more than half of the energy consumption in commercial buildings. He also says this sector is an important target for state and federal energy policies and utility-sponsored demand-side management programs.

“Mechanical contractors are typically most familiar with the performance capabilities of the hvac equipment in a facility,” said Nofal. “The experience makes them the best qualified to suggest energy-efficient measures that provide the most immediate savings for a business.”

Publication date: 12/10/2001