HOUSTON, TX — Comfort Systems USA will sponsor the California Business Energy Solutions Alliance (CB-ESA), an organization developed to promote a balanced approach between demand-side and supply-side technology solutions to California’s energy problems.

In a press conference in Washing-ton, DC, the CB-ESA, along with Comfort Systems USA and three other major sponsors, introduced a “Four Point Energy Solutions Plan” for the state of California.

The plan proposes short- and long-term energy-saving measures. These include implementation of “Permanent Peak Time Load Shifting” equipment such as thermal energy storage systems (TES), on-site power plants, mandatory multiple time-of-use/real- time rate options, and Energy Star Program measures.

“As a comprehensive building solutions provider, Comfort Systems USA supports the principles of the CB-ESA through the implementation of integrated energy-efficiency projects, thermal energy storage, and on-site generation as important options to consider for future energy management plans,” said Chuck Sherman, senior vice president of Comfort Systems USA.

Publication date: 08/06/2001