Comfort Systems USA recently announced sponsorship of the California Business Energy Solutions Alliance (CB-ESA), an organization developed to promote a balanced approach between demand-side and supply-side technology solutions to California’s energy problems. According to Comfort Systems USA, CB-ESA was formed out of the need to help with the long-term energy problems and challenges occurring statewide. This alliance will seek to advocate the implementation of four major energy initiatives for the state.

In a media press conference July 12 at the National Press Club in Washington, DC, the CB-ESA — along with the support of Comfort Systems USA and three other major sponsors — introduced a “Four Point Energy Solutions Plan” for the state of California.

CB-ESA’s purpose was presented to the state in a “Blueprint Initiative” proposal through the development of the four-point plan, which includes incentives for short- and long-term energy saving measures. This includes:

1. Statewide implementation of “permanent peak-time load-shifting” equipment, such as thermal energy storage systems (TES) for retrofit and new construction projects. 2. Statewide encouragement and implementation of manufacturing and/or commercial building on-site power plants for electricity, using the incumbent utility as a backup power source. Also, encourage more alternate energy electricity generation. 3. Statewide implementation of mandatory, multiple time-of-use/real-time rate options. 4. The CB-ESA endorses the California Energy Commission’s Comprehensive Energy Conservation Plan by encouraging and employing multiple Energy Star Program measures to upgrade the total energy efficiency of commercial, industrial, and residential buildings across the state.

Comfort Systems USA, headquartered in Houston, TX, is currently involved in supporting the use of state monetary incentives for implementation of hvac system retrofit and TES in numerous projects in the Southern California region.

“As a comprehensive building solutions provider, Comfort Systems USA supports the principles of the CB-ESA through the implementation of integrated energy-efficiency projects, thermal energy storage, and on-site generation as important options to consider for future energy management plans,” said Comfort Systems USA senior vice president Chuck Sherman.

For more information, contact Comfort Systems USA marketing specialist Andrea Huttle, 480-344-3288.

Publication date: 08/06/2001