You're an HVACR wholesaler with a high-performing company at the top of its game. Or maybe you're with a smaller distributor that's hitting its stride and achieving significant growth despite manufacturing backlogs, a tight labor market, and continuing supply chain headaches.

We at Distribution Trends, a regular supplement to The ACHR NEWS, want to celebrate those kinds of successes with our Top 30 Distributors of 2023.

The DT Top 30 is a multipart, multipage feature in which we rank HVACR distributors; spotlight the achievements at other, smaller firms; and give voice to the comments and concerns wholesalers have about the rapidly changing HVACR market. This year's DT Top 30 will appear in the May 15 print edition of The NEWS.

There is no charge to enter this contest; all you need to do is complete a brief online survey. Although entries are judged on sales figures, we keep the exact numbers confidential, and even comments about the HVACR industry, some of which we will work into the feature, can be submitted anonymously if you wish.

However — full disclosure — we at The NEWS get something out of the DT Top 30 too. The compiled surveys provide an industry snapshot and valuable insights into what distribution companies are going through, and we'll use that information as we plan our coverage for the next 12 months.

The annual DT Top 30 is required reading for those in HVACR distribution who want to keep abreast of the industry and find out what other wholesalers are thinking.

HVACR distribution is a complex, fast-moving industry that thousands of technicians; contractors; builders; and, ultimately, consumers depend upon. It's not easy to master, and it leans heavily on relationships built over many years, even decades. We think the wider HVACR industry should know more about its triumphs, and that's why your distribution company should take this opportunity to be a part of the DT Top 30 Distributors of 2023.

The deadline for completing the survey is Thursday, April 20. Every company that submits a survey will be entered in a drawing to win a $100 American Express gift card.