Meet all of the 2022 Top 40 Under 40 HVACR Professionals
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Chris Landgrebe

Company: Air Comfort Heating & Cooling Inc.
Title: General Manager
Age: 38

Air Comfort Heating & Cooling CEO Steve Simmons recruited Chris Landgrebe from the cell phone industry where he was a T-Mobile store manager in Denver. Chris had some experience in HVAC. He started out in the late ‘90s working for a family friend after school and on the weekends as an install apprentice. That company folded and he went a different direction, but always knew he wanted to get back into the trades somehow.

Chris moved his family to a small town in Nebraska and began the process of learning to run a 30-year-old $1.2 million HVAC company. In less than three years, he took the leadership role in stride and more than doubled gross revenue to $2.6 million, doubled net profit into double digits, and directed the development of the Air Comfort brand.

Under his direction the company was named “Best Contractor to Work For” in 2020 by The ACHR NEWS and received the “Extraordinary Outlook Award” from Service Nation Alliance.

Chris has lofty HVAC goals which include growing the company to $5 million in revenue by 2025. He also wants to pass his journeyman mechanical license test.

Chris was a co-creator of an in-house training program that has enabled Air Comfort to take completely capable but new-to-the-industry individuals and have them become functional, profitable, and contributing members of the technical team in a matter of a few months instead of years. There are plans to trademark the program and make it available to other contractors soon.