Meet all of the 2022 Top 40 Under 40 HVACR Professionals
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Chad Peterman

Company: Peterman Brothers
Title: President
Age: 35

Despite only being 35 years old, Chad Peterman is already helping the next generation of HVAC technicians. In 2020, Peterman and his company created the Top Tech Academy, an in-house training program.

The program helps turn new hires into full-time HVAC technicians in four months by combining classroom time with real-life experience. Through the program, Chad is not only investing in the future of Peterman Brothers, but he is also investing in the future of the HVAC industry overall by adding skilled technicians to the labor force.

“During what was a time of uncertainty with the COVID-19 outbreak, we knew it was important to connect with the community and provide opportunities,” Chad said. “The academy allows us to train the technicians of the future in an industry that is rapidly growing. Our students have a chance to learn plumbing and HVAC skills in a hybrid program that combines both virtual and live training. Being able to provide this kind of opportunity was an inflection point for Peterman Brothers.”

Using the academy, Chad’s goal is to train 1,000 technicians over the next five years to help the HVAC industry grow and thrive.

Continuing the theme of Chad’s dedication to building the industry, he is also the host of the “Can’t Stop the Growth” podcast. With this weekly podcast, Chad presents insights into entrepreneurship, personal development, and how to grow as a person and in business. Topics for the podcast range from showing how loving both your team and your numbers creates success to how to scale your influence.

Under Chad’s leadership, Peterman Brothers was named the 2021 Bryant Dealer of the Year.