Meet all of the 2022 Top 40 Under 40 HVACR Professionals
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Ryan Reimer

Company: DriSteem Corp.
Title: Senior Product Manager
Age: 32

Ryan Reimer, DriSteem’s product manager of Hydrotrue Pre-treatment Systems, and Adiatec Evaporative Cooling and Humidification, has made his mark since joining DriSteem in early 2019. Prior to working at the manufacturer, Ryan was with U.S. Water Services Inc., serving multiple roles from 2012-2019. Ryan’s prior experience in water treatment, process engineering, and chemical engineering brought an immense amount of knowledge to DriSteem. Ryan has a passion for learning everything he can about his product lines, whether it be flying across the country for field visits, training sales representatives and receiving feedback, or developing new products and processes based on research.

Ryan was instrumental in the launching the HVAC Energy Analysis Tool (HEAT) in June 2022, enabling the company representatives to help their engineers/end users understand the energy and water usage of humidification equipment. The tool guides end users on the operational impact of a humidifier, whereas most energy modeling tools consider humidification to be a negligible impact to overall operating costs. The other unique insights HEAT provides is helping the end user understand the water efficiency of different technologies.

“My biggest goals are to bring energy and water efficiency gains to the industry. I think it is very important to consider both water and energy as truly limited resources, versus a commodity. The environment and the industry have continued to evolve over the years to make that statement even more true,” Ryan said.