Meet all of the 2022 Top 40 Under 40 HVACR Professionals
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Johan Miranda

Company: Century A/C Supply
Title: Operations Manager
Age: 28

Johan Miranda’s rise in the HVAC distribution industry has been quick. He joined the industry as a part-time warehouse employee at Century A/C Supply. He eventually worked his way through school, and that led to a full-time position with the company.

“My goal is to establish an efficient team of managers that provide exceptional service to our customers and create an overall experience that differentiates us from our competitors. Ultimately, I would like to gain the experience and knowledge in the HVAC industry that will position me for future opportunities within our company as it continues to grow,” Johan said.

During his time with the company, Johan has helped implement and further initiatives like cycle counting, warranty processing, bin locations, wireless warehousing, and obsolete item program, including setting up measurables and tracking for each program. He works closely with all branch managers and has been accepted in his leadership role.

Johan was promoted to operations manager at the age of 27 and took on the challenge of overseeing 14 branches and assisting their sister company, Air Management Supply, with operational duties as well.

He created, implemented, and manages the company’s internship program that includes more than 20 interns every summer.

Johan is currently in the finishing stages of creating an employee development program that promotes growth within the company.