Industry Sales Veteran Victor Rancour announced Nov. 17 the launch of the new HVAC training tool, Service Hero Academy.

The website and soon-to-be app contains over 300 videos that train HVAC technicians on topics like AC and furnace tune-ups, diagnostics, and indoor air quality. Techs can also get further training on subjects like building urgency with customers, handling objections, and the estimation process.

The app allows HVAC technicians to test their knowledge retention and earn certifications directly on the platform. The program also serves as a home base for the HVAC community — where best practices can be shared and questions can be asked to fellow members. 

Rancour says 500 users joined in the first week and by next year, he forecasts 10,000. 

“I love my career in HVAC and after making millions in sales and starting my own HVAC company, I realized that my true passion was teaching others how to be successful in the industry. Service Hero Academy is a collection of everything I’ve learned and proven over the last 7 years," said Rancour.

Garrett Elmore, Service Hero Academy’s CEO and business partner of Rancour, says “The app is an alternative to trade school because it offers a real-world application with homeowners and involves a proven sales process.” 

Rancour and Elmore say the app teaches customer service, sales psychology, and confidence-building. User members enjoy other benefits too, such as podcast episodes, live Q&A sessions, discounts, and regular sales contests. 

The online tool is priced at $245 per month for up to 5 users. “We wanted to provide a solution to the HVAC owner that they could trust and wouldn’t break the bank," said Rancour.