Net Results: Moyer Indoor OutdoorCompany Name: Moyer Indoor Outdoor

Mechanical Division Manager: Brian Feenie


Annual Cost: Approximately $20,000 per year

Feenie’s Take: Ultimately, we offer a lot of services. We’ve been in business since 1869, and we’ve continued to grow for more than 100 years. The thing I like most about our site is our customers can find all of our services in one place.

Professional Opinion: Overall score: 80. By giving each line of business its own subdomain, Moyer Indoor Outdoor is taking the road less traveled to market its business online. The site is well-branded with a lot of pages and content. It utilizes a responsive design to make it easy to use for visitors on any device.

For findability, I’d give Moyer a 73. Out of more than 500 geographically targeted, service-specific keywords surveyed, ranks on the first page of Google 6 percent of the time. To give you some perspective, the sites with the highest visibility typically rank on the first page for more than 20 percent of the keywords surveyed. The site ranks No. 1 for just three of the keywords surveyed (less than half of 1 percent of the keywords surveyed). It’s entirely possible that it’s a temporary result of Moyer’s Web strategy, which involves giving each line of business its own subdomain on the main Moyer website (,, etc.).

For accessibility and content, I’d give the website an 83. Most of the key information for the company is where you’d expect to find it. utilizes a responsive design, which means it automatically adjusts various design features to accommodate the visitor, regardless of the device being used to access the site — smartphone, tablet, or desktop. Moyer’s HVAC website is the fastest loading of any that we’ve tested so far. Having a fast site is critical for need-based home services like HVAC. The site contains more than 1,000 pages of relevant content and close to 1,000 words per page.

In the identity and trust category, Moyer Indoor Outdoor gets an 85. The HVAC site features the Better Business Bureau (BBB) logo, testimonials, and general trust builders such as the Visa and MasterCard logos. The site could increase the score of its HVAC microsite by integrating some of the content the company features on the main site (, making more of the content on the HVAC site specific to its HVAC business, moving the credit card logos higher up on the page, and adding some additional memberships and certifications.

— Ben Landers, president and CEO, Blue Corona

Publication date: 10/27/2014 

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