Pro-Tough portable propane forced-air spot heaters are an instant heat source for indoor or outdoor jobs wherever heat is needed during the cold months. The heaters are equipped with a high-capacity fan to quickly circulate directional heat. It integrates an adjustable-height footing to angle heat upwards for specific spot heating. A rugged roll cage design is manufactured to withstand hard use and harsh work environments. Molded plastic end caps protect the heater if dropped or knocked over. The new design allows the heater to be stacked vertically, and several stacked together can tightly fit in the corner of a workspace. According to the manufacturer, the adjustable heat output feature regulates room temperatures and continuous spark ignition so it never cuts out and will quickly heat thousands of square feet safely, efficiently, and without concern for worker safety. The heaters are available in adjustable Btu outputs of 30,000-55,000, 50,000-85,000, 75,000-125,000, and 125,000-170,000 models.

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