Nowhere in refrigeration has change taken place faster in terms of system design and refrigerants than in the supermarket sector. Familiar rack DX systems are just one part of the equation with distributed and secondary loop also gaining attention. Refrigerants have gone from CFCs like R-502 to the HCFC R-22 to a whole range of HFCs as well as ‘naturals’ like HCs and CO2.

But through it all, those who design, install, service, and maintain such changing technologies still need to understand how these systems’ components operate across the technology spectrum and how to do proper maintenance including leak repair regardless of the refrigerant.

That’s why Sporlan, a division of Parker Hannifin Company, has revamped its supermarket system training program to reflect how refrigeration servicing and maintenance are being done these days.

Five such seminars were slated for fall 2014. The first was held Oct. 1 in Baltimore, Maryland. The remainder are set for Oct. 28 in Minneapolis; Nov. 6 in St. Louis; Nov. 11 in Kansas City, Kansas; and Dec. 2 in Newark, New Jersey.

According to Dustin Searcy, Sporlan supermarket application engineer, the focus is on product operation and application, servicing systems, tear-down analysis, refrigerant retrofits, and rebuilding valves. Content includes an in-depth look at troubleshooting, including interactive troubleshooting examples, and CO2 applications and component overview.

Searcy said the day-long seminars are designed for supermarket contractors, consulting engineers, and service managers.

He noted one intention is to show similarities in system components between traditional rack systems and the newer distributed approach. He also said the program includes secondary loop systems working with glycol and CO2.

The class will go into retrofitting, again stressing proper servicing procedures with an emphasis on leak detection and preventing leaks that can occur when completing a refrigerant retrofit.

For information, go to and click on the icon in the upper right corner concerning the seminars; or call 1-636-239-1111.