Residential Air HandlerMaytag®’s B6 air handlers include two types of evaporator coils to reduce – or eliminate – the No. 1 cause of coil leaks — formicary corrosion — said the company. The air handlers have all-aluminum evaporator coils and its Anteater™ technology. The 13 and 14 SEER Anteater MC microchannel models’ evaporator coils are constructed of aluminum extruded tubes that are brazed to enhanced aluminum fins. According to the manufacturer, because Anteater MC coils are all aluminum, they eliminate the copper element in the formicary corrosion combination, and without copper, the corrosion process cannot happen. The 16 and 24.5 SEER copper tube-in-fin variable-speed air handlers with Anteater™ technology utilize traditional copper tube-in-fin coils, but with Anteater™ technology for 50 times better protection against formicary corrosion than untreated copper, claims the company. According to the company, the Anteater coil is made with Uniguard™ copper alloy, which includes zinc additives to stop formicary corrosion from tunneling through the material, and when acid begins to attack the coil copper, the Anteater alloy prevents the acid from tunneling completely through the copper grain. Some surface pitting will still be evident, but the damage will be stopped before it can cause a leak.


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