ST. LOUIS - The average grocery store spends two thirds of its electricity bill on HVACR, noted Hussmann Corp. To meet customer demand for systems that optimize operational and energy efficiency, Hussmann said it has launched 12 new solutions over the past 24 months. These solutions focus on five areas: superior merchandising, green/energy efficiency, food safety, longer shelf life, and lower cost of ownership.

Hussmann said the solutions it has recently introduced directly address customer feedback requesting more options to navigate the current economic environment.

“Modern grocery stores are facing a number of tough challenges,” said Praveen Reddy, vice president of global retail product management at Hussmann. “Their equipment purchases have an impact on the environment as well as their bottom line. With every new solution we develop, we support the merchandising, sustainability, and operational goals set by our customers.”

In an effort to address challenges customers are facing in the marketplace, Hussmann has developed such solutions as:

• EcoShine LED Lights - These LED (light emitting diode) lights for shelves and merchandising cases offer retailers enhanced product visibility; bright, evenly dispersed lighting; and up to 65 percent energy savings over T8 fluorescent lighting, said the company. Optional motion dimmers can improve savings to as much as 83 percent.

• EcoVision - Shoppers have easy access and clear visibility of products with EcoVision’s unique French door design (without a center mullion) for dairy, deli, and beverage cases. The door design also allows less heat into the case, contributing to energy savings of up to 65 percent, said Hussmann.

• Isla - The Isla system of island displays uses a modular design allowing retailers flexibility in selecting from a number of attractive display platforms to design their own custom merchandising islands, the company said.

• LifeLine Premier Series - Designed to attract shoppers’ attention, guide traffic, and influence impulse purchases in frozen food departments, the LifeLine Premier Series of reach-in cases combines new reach-in display case technologies that highlight highly profitable frozen food brands, creating a destination experience for shoppers and “bringing frozen food to life,” the company said.

• Microban® Antimicrobial Protection - Hussmann has introduced multi-deck display cases and reach-ins with Microban® Antimicrobial Protection, reducing stain and odor-causing bacteria on touch points in supermarkets. In addition to door handles, Hussmann shelving on multi-deck display cases is infused with antimicrobial protection during manufacturing, helping to keep meat, produce, and dairy cases in stores cleaner and fresher and providing protection between cleanings.

• Protochill - An environmentally friendly distributed secondary system, the Protochill system requires less refrigerant charge and provides better energy efficiency and lower construction costs.

• TerraChill - Using pumped liquid CO2 as a secondary fluid in both low temperature and medium temperature applications, TerraChill is a natural refrigerant solution that reduces the hydrofluorocarbon (HFC) charge and features a lower carbon footprint than traditional central direct expansion systems.

• Q Series - With rounded wedges, wide-open visibility of merchandise, and extremely flexible materials, colors, shapes, sizes and accessories, the advanced styling of Q Series display cases adds merchandising appeal to a variety of food products, said Hussmann.

• XtraLife Meat Case - XtraLife meat cases attract shoppers and reduce costs associated with spoilage, said the company. The patent-pending air shelf included in every new XtraLife Excel multi-deck meat case enables it to run at lower, more consistent temperatures. It also prevents freezing, reduces bacterial growth on meats, and keeps meats red and fresh longer, while using up to 18 percent less energy than traditional high-efficiency configurations.

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Publication date:07/19/2010