The TotalAire™ MSP® dehumidifiers are designed for installation in grocery stores. The refrigeration-based dehumidifiers incorporate MSP Technology's heat exchanger modules, creating a hybrid unit that delivers air between 44° and 50°F dew point. The heat exchanger uses a system of intake fins that directs air over the inlet of a plate heat exchanger core, then over a special refrigeration coil, dropping its dew point to 45°. After condensing the moisture from the air, the air passes over the exhaust side of the heat exchanger, absorbing the energy released from the air that is entering the module. This regenerative thermal exchange warms the supply air from 45° to 65°. This method also precools the warm incoming air to approximately 82°, which decreases the load on the evaporator coil. After the supply air leaves the module, it passes over the TotalAire refrigeration system, where the temperature of the air can then be adjusted to ±0.2° of a given preset leaving air temperature. A temperature sensor connected to the supply air controller uses proportional-plus-integral-plus-control logic to accurately modulate a refrigerant valve.

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