The vertically configured ExpertAire™ dehumidifier is based upon the design and performance of the company’s horizontal ExpertAire™ system. According to the manufacturer, the primary advantage of the vertical series is its smaller size; the reduced footprint makes vertical series’ units a fit for tight spaces and small mechanical rooms that are often found in the field. The dehumidifier is currently available in a lower range of tonnages from 3-8 tons and available with R-410A as standard refrigerant. Features of the unit include the coils with a rifled tube, lanced fin design. One option available on the dehumidifiers is the ability to select a premium blower motor, which can ultimately save energy consumption and could possibly help contribute to LEED points that a facility must earn when seeking LEED certification. Another option is the availability of the CA2500 controller on the dehumidifiers. This simple, streamlined, microprocessor-based system controls temperature and humidity, making it ideal for use in pool rooms and other industrial applications, said the company. Features of the controls include easy data entry and thermostat configuration for service technicians using PDAs and appropriate software, remote temperature and rh sensors for unit control, and optional LonWorks® communications.

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