The WaterFurnace Envision with Alpine Pure Dehumidification (Reheat) option is known for reducing energy costs by tapping into the free energy found beneath the earth. Its two-speed Copeland Ultra Tech Scroll compressors reach 5.0 COP in heating and 30 EER in cooling in ground loop applications. Coupled with the Alpine Pure Dehumification (Reheat) option, Envision systems can reduce relative humidity (rh) and help prevent mold growth by alleviating moisture problems. The company’s Alpine Pure Dehumidification system dehumidifies the air without affecting its ambient temperature. All Envision units use R-410A refrigerant and have coated air coils.

The unit with the reheat option is available in upflow, bottomflow, and horizontal configurations for commercial, industrial, and institutional facilities. Typical applications include schools, auditoriums and theaters, computer rooms, and indoor swimming pool rooms. It can also be effective in applications with cold entering air when combined with WaterFurnace’s hot gas bypass option to prevent the air coil from freezing.

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