WaterFurnace International Inc.: Geothermal Splits Units in the EZ Series geothermal indoor split product line are available in six sizes: 2- and 21⁄2-ton single speed and 3-, 4-, 5-, and 6-ton dual capacity. Bristol TS compressors are used in the dual-capacity units. When installed, the units are connected to a remote air handler for distribution of air through the duct system. The EZ splits can be connected to a fossil fuel furnace for a dual-fuel application. The units use R-410A. Features include microprocessor control with LED fault and status lights (with memory); removable top, front, and side access panels; brass, swivel-type water connections; compressor sound blanket; and high- and low-pressure service ports in the refrigerant circuit. The units have an optional internal hot-water assist.

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