A complete geothermal hydronic system solution, the WaterFurnace Hydronic Services is a turnkey comfort solution that brings together the benefits of geothermal heating and cooling and radiant floor heating in a single package. It provides dealers with a professional package that includes initial quotes, system design, system components, documentation, and technical support and training during and after the sale. As a result, dealers spend less time designing the system and ordering components from multiple suppliers and more time engaged in value-added sales and marketing activities that impact their bottom line. Quoting/estimating support ensures a quick response, allowing dealers to take the opportunity off the street and making it less likely that homeowners will take their business to a competitor, says the company. A simplified process enables dealers to take on the more complex hydronic projects, creating a new revenue stream in the process. A variety of hydronic system options for customized solutions is available. Radiant system packages for slab, overfloor, and underfloor applications can integrate with hydronic fan coil units (for forced-air cooling), heat recovery ventilators (for fresh air exchange), HEPA filtration and solar thermal systems (for domestic hot-water heating and space heating).

WaterFurnace International Inc.

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