Editor’s Note: The following remarks were made regarding the “Is HVAC in Need of Rebranding?” article by Matt Bishop, published June 2 in The NEWS.

Time to Change the Acronym

I have been reading this and re-reading this and agree the acronym and what we do today is in need of change. We have been moving forward by talking in terms of comfort cooling systems and not air conditioning, and in terms of comfort consultants, but one issue we face is the depth and breadth of who we represent and what it is we do. I cannot help thinking that a lawyer is a lawyer and they work within the legal system. A doctor is a doctor and they work in the medical field. Both, though, have many specialties that fall out of these systems and field. Some are corporate lawyers, some business lawyers, while others handle real estate, and others, divorce. Doctors can specialize in ear, eye, nose and throat, cancer, surgical work, etc. and yet they all stand united as one. What are we missing, what do we need to do to raise our level of awareness? Are we not building professionals, building specialists... what are we? Are we indoor environment systems practitioners? Are we indoor systems specialists? I really think while the iron is hot, this discussion needs to keep going and not stop until we can agree on what we will be going forward. I do agree it is time for a new name and one that resonates with the future client.

D. Brian Baker
Custom Vac Limited
Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada

Publication date: 10/6/2014