The Aprilaire Model 1700 whole-home dehumidifier automatically senses moisture levels and removes excess moisture throughout the entire home. In addition, the Model 1700 dehumidifies a separate area of the home where there is more humidity buildup even when the heating or air conditioning isn't running. It automatically manages moisture and switches between whole-home and localized dehumidification. Optional, built-in ventilation and fan cycling is available.

eProduct 160


The Nortec Electrode steam humidifier has been redesigned. The new design has a complete communications solution, a smart cylinder for safety and performance, complete built-in BMS relays, a quick response keep warm feature, a real time clock, and a full graphic display. The company boasts easy installation and dozens of other standard features.

eProduct 161


Bry-Air's standard MiniPAC, a VFB desiccant dehumidifier, offers a -50°F dew point, with up to 30,000 cfm. It is the ideal dehumidification solution for smaller facilities, up to 8,000 square feet, according to the company. Sizes range from 100 to 600 cfm. It can be installed as a stand-alone unit or retrofitted to any central air conditioning system.

eProduct 162


The CDH185 uses two-stage dehumidification to provide low dew point air to various process applications. The unit conditions 24,000 cfm of outside air. It delivers air to the space at 50° F and also at 10° dew point, utilizing precooling or heat recovery coupled to a desiccant dehumidifier. The unit is equipped with monitoring and fault monitors to alert plant maintenance of unit conditions. It supplies year round conditioning of outdoor air to meet indoor humidity requirements.

eProduct 163


Dectron Inc.'s Chloraguard® is an indoor air purification system that removes chloramines and other airborne contaminants commonly found in indoor pool spaces. It has a gas-phase air purification module option that's factory-installed inline on the return air of the Dectron Dry-O-Tron® heat recovery dehumidifiers or field retrofittable on any existing pool dehumidifier brand. The Chloraguard filter uses Dectron's proprietary formulated chemical media, Multi-Mix®, to remove chloramines and other contaminants found in the warm, humid environment of an indoor pool.

eProduct 164


Des Champs produces both Wringer mechanical and Desi-Wringer desiccant dehumidifiers in sizes from 500 to over 100,000 cfm, each capable of attaining dew points down to -100°F. Standard and custom Wringers can include many heating, cooling, and energy recovery options. Desi-Wringers can include mechanical pre- and post-cooling, energy recovery, heating, and many regeneration energy options. Rental units are available with either diesel or electric power. Applications include commercial, municipal, deflooding, military, and industrial processes.

eProduct 165


ExpertAireâ„¢ is a consolidation of Desert Aire's four commercial-industrial dehumidifiers resulting in a dehumidifier with enhanced performance. Available in 1 to 15 tons, ExpertAireâ„¢ uses lanced fin, rifled tube coils to yield more moisture removal capacity with a lower pressure drop for the blower. These features provide optimized moisture removal efficiencies between 4-6 pounds of moisture per hour per kilowatt of electricity. Initially offered with R-22 refrigerant, ExpertAireâ„¢ will use R-410A as its standard refrigerant by year's end.

eProduct 166


The AutoFlush5 system from Desert Spring Products is a timer-valve unit that provides a regular purge-rinse cycle that removes mineral accumulations every 48 hours. It accompanies the Rotary Disc humidifier. It also ensures fresh water is always available for humidification, eliminating concerns over standing water. Routine maintenance is automated allowing the humidifier to provide maximum output throughout the heating season. The Rotary Disc humidifier uses a unique lifetime evaporative media with a new 10-year factory warranty. According to the company, the humidifier is 100 percent water efficient and consumes very little energy.

eProduct 167


The XT Series electrode steam humidifier from Dri-Steem is designed for easy installation and maintenance in commercial and large residential buildings, said the company. It has a small footprint and pre-installed plumbing connections along with a replaceable plastic cylinder and automatic end-of-season drain that eliminates tank cleaning. The XT Series can sequence up to four units, and offers either modulation or on-off control to meet various humidification demands.

eProduct 168


Dry-Air's HGR Triple Function Series reclaim dehumidifiers use 80 percent less R-410A refrigerant than comparable systems, according to the company. Units are available in 30 to 60 tons and are encased in a stainless steel cabinet. The simultaneous energy-recycling feature simultaneously rejects heat to room, pool, or outdoors to achieve a balance of energy usage and conservation. No special expertise necessary to install and service, said the company.

eProduct 169


The EWC Controls S2000 and the S2020 steam humidifiers are residential humidification units. With the help of a built-in computer chip, the units ensure accuracy, reliability, safety, and efficiency, according to the company. The S2000 and S2020 are compatible with all makes and models of forced-air heating systems. They are completely assembled and include overflow protection, isolation relays for blower interlock, automatic maintenance mode, air proving switch contacts, and a digital display humidistat.

eProduct 170


A Herrmidifier whole-house humidifier keeps the relative humidity of the entire house between 35-55 percent, according to the manufacturer. Features include a rust-resistant cabinet housing, maintenance ease, versatile mounting options, the ability to flush away minerals and solid residues trapped in the humidifier, and a two-year warranty. The unit can have a wall- or duct-mounted humidistat. It has a 120V/60Hz/2.0 A motor, a 2-inch evaporator pad that increases performance, and a cleanable/replaceable internal water filter that protects the solenoid.

eProduct 171


The GeneralAire E2 Automatic Digital humidistat offers a choice of manual mode or automatic outdoor temperature compensating capability. Its design is conducive to upgrading existing or new humidifier installations. This 24 V control may be wall- or duct-mounted. The E2 large digital display allows anyone to clearly see control set points and monitor humidifier operation, according to the company.

eProduct 172


ICM Controls Corp.'s CC750 Comfort Control Center is a field programmable variable-frequency/variable-voltage fan motor speed control that works with an existing single-phase air conditioner or heat pump by slowing down a system's fan speed, thereby allowing the unit to more effectively and efficiently remove moisture from the air. The CC750 is a stand-alone device and requires no special equipment or extra parts to install. Menu-driven programming gives the installer the ability to program parameters that establish a latent and sensible cooling ratio best suited for the unique conditions of each installation. It is available in 115-V and 230-V models.

eProduct 173


The Humiditrol system is a Lennox Industries unit that controls humidity levels throughout the home along with mold, mildew, dust mites, and bacteria levels. Designed to operate with the Lennox SignatureStat™ thermostat, Humiditrol is the first fully integrated whole-house dehumidification system, said the company. It can be integrated with new Lennox®-brand cooling products, uses R-410A refrigerant, and is compatible with any variable-speed Lennox furnace or air handler.

eProduct 174


The Humidity Control Unit (HCU) provides an economical way to bring makeup air into a space and control temperature and humidity independently at the same time. The HCU conditions up to 8,250 cfm of makeup air and can be operated in night setback recirculation mode. It recycles waste energy from cooling components to provide a cost-effective and energy-efficient way to control humidity and temperature.

eProduct 175


Moisture Control Services (MCS) temporary humidity control system combines cooling and desiccant dehumidification technologies in one system to control dew point temperatures in hot, humid climates. It is intended for use in structural drying, temporary humidity control in building construction, and condensation and corrosion control in surface preparation and coating applications. Features include a built-in digital controller, remote monitoring capabilities, high-efficiency scroll compressors, titanium enhanced silica gel wheel with carbon, and variable-frequency drives for capacity control.

eProduct 176


Munters Dehumidification Division Industrial's PowerPurgeâ„¢ is an energy recovery option for Munters Integrated Custom Air Handling (ICA) units. When equipped in ICAs, the PowerPurge improves performance by delivering air at drier levels, while using less energy than traditional active desiccant dehumidification systems. ICA units feature a desiccant wheel that rotates slowly between two primary airstreams, process and reactivation. Equipping a desiccant system with PowerPurge can reduce the size of the desiccant rotor without diminishing the dehumidification capacity while still decreasing energy costs, according to the company.

eProduct 177


MSP® Technology dehumidifying coils offer performance with up to 50 percent energy savings and a low pressure drop that easily adapts to OEM air-handling units. The MSP coil is a competitively priced, pre-engineered, unitary dehumidification component. OEMs and design engineers can select from chilled water and DX models with capacities up to 25,000 cfm and greater.

eProduct 178


The PoolComPak AWH Series has a horizontal space-saving design for 200 to 1,750 square feet indoor pool surfaces that allows for outdoor rooftop, pad mount, or indoor ceiling-hung installations. To prevent bather discomfort and structural damage, the TD3000 advanced microprocessor-based controller can monitor the AWH from any location via the Internet to regulate humidity and wall surface condensation. The controller also manages air and pool water temperatures. A standard vertical PoolComPak unit is also available.

eProduct 179


The Ultra-Aire UA-90H whole house ventilating dehumidifier performs multiple indoor air quality functions with one unit. The company refers to this as high-capacity dehumidification. The unit offers optional fresh air ventilation and features air filtration. The company claims it is quiet and easy to install in attics, crawlspaces, and basements. The Ultra-Aire UA-90H also maintains a 50 percent relative humidity level, as recommended by the Environmental Protection Agency.

eProduct 180

Publication date: 08/14/2006