Aggreko LLC
Aggreko's new desiccant de-humidifiers are available in the 5,000 cfm range. They are custom-manufactured from double-walled galvanized steel, and include a protective and stacking frame, designed to enable multiple units to operate in a much tighter space than required by other units on the market, according to the manufacturer. The frames are also equipped with lifting eyes for crane lifting and placement. The units are equipped with terminal strip connection points for customer use with optional alarm systems for communication with a CDI monitoring system.

eProduct #201

The 90-pint-per-day Aprilaire dehumidifier is a whole-house unit that features flexible installation options, allowing it to be installed in attics, closets, crawl spaces, garages, and basements. Built-in intelligence allows for automatic control (the same "set-it and forget it" technology found in Aprilaire automatic humidifiers), as well as automatic fan cycling, which is designed to allow for improved humidity and temperature balance throughout the house, said the manufacturer. An optional ventilation feature is also incorporated into the unit, designed to provide time-based control with outdoor temperature operating limits.

eProduct #202

Armstrong International Inc.
Armstrong International's HumidiClean electronic steam humidifier with patented ionic bed technology provides an easy way to save labor and materials for seasonal maintenance, according to the manufacturer. The ionic beds are designed to attract solids from the boiling water, preventing the solids from plating out on the heating element or on the inner stainless steel tank walls, said the manufacturer. Therefore, tank cleaning is minimized and the effective service life of parts, especially the submersed elements which traditionally accumulate scale and chemical deposits, are greatly extended. The unit uses untreated tap water, deionized water, demineralized water, softened water, or reverse osmosis water sources to create steam.

eProduct #203

Axair Nortec Inc.
Nortec On-Line is a two-way, interactive communications tool designed to allow up to five satellite contacts to monitor, maintain, and control a humidification center (up to eight units) from any location worldwide using standard Internet connections. This advanced software shows graphic representations of a humidifier and its key parameters (up to 75 functions), allowing a person to control it from a remote location. According to the manufacturer, proactive data acquisition allows the system to suggest maintenance programs and recognize any problematic symptoms before there is any trouble. E-mails are automatically sent to the linked parties if there is any sign of abnormal conditions, the company said.

eProduct #204

Carnes Co.
Carnes microprocessor-controlled steam humidifiers feature an LCD display to indicate steam output and humidistat demand. A series of LEDs show the status of all controls and components to simplify troubleshooting, said the manufacturer. The humidifiers use untreated tap water and convert it to sterile steam in disposable cylinders designed to eliminate messy, time-consuming cleaning to re-duce costs. Steam output capacities from 5 to 200 pounds per hour are available.

eProduct #205

Comitale National Inc.
The C.N.I. Eliminator is an industrial dehumidifier unit designed to remove up to 36 gallons of water per day from moisture-laden production or storage areas, said the manufacturer. This compact system comes with a five-gallon container for those areas where external drain systems are not available. In areas where external drain systems may be easily accessible, permanent piping availability exists. A variety of options are offered to fit many different applications: condensate removal pump, ceiling mount hanger brackets, duct collar, zinc cromate epoxy paint for highly corrosive areas, automatic shutoff, and "tank full" warning light.

eProduct #206

Des Champs Technologies
Des Champs produces both Wringer mechanical and Desi-Wringer desiccant dehumidifiers in sizes from 500 to over 100,000 cfm and capable of attaining dew points down to minus 100 degrees F, said the company. Standard and custom Wringers can include many energy recovery, heating, and cooling options. Desi-Wringers can include mechanical pre- and post-cooling, energy recovery, heating, and many regeneration energy options, the company said. Rental units are available with either diesel or electric power. Applications include commercial, municipal, post-flooding, military, and industrial processes.

eProduct #207

The Dristeem VT Series humidifier includes an advanced controller with many capabilities, including automatic water level control, safety shutdown, operating time monitoring, and automatic end-of-season draining, said the company. It has a capacity range of up to 48 pounds per hour, and can be used with tap or softened water. When the softened water option is used, it can be maintenance-free for three or more years, according to the manufacturer. The product has a removable, lightweight shroud, designed to allow easy access to the tank, water level control assembly, and electrical connections.

eProduct #208

EWC Controls
EWC Controls has released the 072000 SmartStat. The 072000 adjusts the indoor relative humidity (rh) based on the temperature swings outdoors, the company said. It comes with an outdoor air sensor, designed to communicate back to the SmartStat and adjust the indoor rh to prevent over- or under-humidification. The 072000 was designed to be wall mounted so that homeowners can view the rh as they do with their thermostat and temperature. The SmartStat will also allow the homeowner to view the outdoor temperature with a push of a button. The unit can also be mounted in the same fashion as traditional humidistats for duct mount applications.

eProduct #209

PoolPak International
PoolPak International's AWH PoolComPak Series has a horizontal, space-saving design for 200- to 1,750-square-foot indoor pool surfaces, designed to allow for outdoor rooftop, pad mount, or indoor ceiling-hung installations, said the manufacturer. To prevent bather discomfort and structural damage, the company said its TD3000 advanced microprocessor-based controller is designed to monitor the AWH from any location via the Internet to regulate humidity, wall surface condensation prevention, as well as air and pool water temperatures.

eProduct #210

Semco Inc.
According to Semco, it has created the first truly integrated active desiccant hybrid rooftop system with the Revolution - an active desiccant, vapor-compression hybrid rooftop. This breakthrough technology combines the strengths of an advanced DX cooling cycle with the unique dehumidification capability offered by an active desiccant wheel, said the company. The result is a compact, cost effective, and extremely energy-efficient rooftop unit, the company said.

eProduct #211

Skuttle Indoor Air Quality Products
The 2100 Series Flow-Thru humidifiers are each equipped with a Compustat Automatic Humidifier Control. According to the manufacturer, Compustat automatically adjusts humidifier output to compensate for fluctuations in the weather, and helps prevent over-humidification in the event of a sudden outside temperature drop. The 2100 Series includes Model 2100 Bypass Flow-Thru (output capacity of 14 gallons per day); Model 2101 Bypass Flow-Thru (18 gallons per day); and Model 2102 Fan-Powered Flow-Thru (19 gallons per day).

eProduct #212

Venmar CES Inc.
Venmar CES said it makes bringing in the outdoor air easy and cost-effective with its expanded line of energy recovery ventilators (ERVs) from 250 cfm to 40,000 cfm. Select from three air-to-air heat exchanger types: plate, wheel, or heat pipe. ERVs offer integrated post-conditioning options of gas, hydronic, or electric heat, along with WSHP, air-cooled, and water-cooled condensing.

eProduct #213

Publication date: 08/15/2005