With its Aquis CPR-1 System, Air Quality Innovative Solutions said customers can remediate condensate pans “quickly and economically, without the disruption and high cost associated with pan or air-handler replacement.” The company said CPR-1 is a patented antimicrobial system that, through sloping and sealing the existing condensate pan, is designed to eliminate standing water, stop leaks, and abate the growth of mold and bacteria. It said CPR-1 incorporates nanotechnology designed to halt rust and corrosion and increase the service life of mechanical air-handling systems “by 10 or more years.” The CPR-1 System is installed by certified installation professionals, with minimal system downtime and no detectable odors or volatile organic compounds, it said.

eProduct 161

Aprilaire said its models 1700 and 1720 commercial dehumidifiers are designed “to deliver the best possible performance across a wide range of operating conditions.” According to the manufacturer, the units are complete with integral dew point-based control, thermal expansion valves, reciprocating compressors, and dual access panels. Model 1700 has 3.91 pounds-per-hour capacity at 80°F and 60 percent rh. Model 1720 has 6.52 pounds-per-hour capacity at 80° and 60 percent rh.

eProduct 162

AxAir Nortec said its Nortec On-Line is a two way interactive communications tool, designed to allow for up to five satellite contacts to monitor, maintain, and control a humidification center (up to eight units) from any location worldwide using standard Internet connections. Software shows graphic representations of the humidifier and its key parameters (up to 75 functions). It said one can control it from a remote location, as well as having the agent, building manager, or engineers at AxAir Nortec simultaneously monitor the same operations and data. Proactive data acquisition allows the system to suggest maintenance programs and recognize any problematic symptoms before there is any trouble, said the company. According to the manufacturer, e-mails are automatically sent to the linked parties if there is any sign of abnormal conditions, specifying the unit information and functional status.

eProduct 163

Beda Enterprises LLC said its all-metal Spra-Kleen home humidifiers can be purchased now with a Honeywell VisionPro thermostat. The company said its humidifiers are “one of the most durable humidifiers on the market.” It said Spra-Kleen humidifiers give years of service with very few callbacks and excellent performance. With yearly inspections, the company said its Spra-Kleen humidifiers can easily be maintained. With proper maintenance, these units “can last over 30 years,” it said.

eProduct 164

The Performance® Series deluxe fan-powered humidifier by Carrier features a treated aluminum pad, designed to provide top performance. A front access door is designed to provide quick and convenient removal and replacement of the pad. It said its nearly silent operation is the result of the company’s precision-engineered fan and motor combination. The outside casing of all Carrier humidifiers is made from durable plastic, designed to resist deterioration, even when exposed to ultra-violet light sources, which are common in many systems.

eProduct 165

Environmental Pools Systems said all Dry-Air reclaim dehumidifiers, 30 through 60 tons, are now available in stainless steel cabinets and with R-410A refrigerant. The company claims its commercial dehumidifiers have the smallest footprint in the industry. It said its 60-ton unit uses less than 20 square feet of mechanical space and fits through a 36-inch doorway. The company claims its recently released Dry-Air HGR triple function series “uses 80 percent less refrigerant than comparable systems.” The simultaneous energy-recycling feature exclusive to Dry-Air is designed to simultaneously reject heat to room, pool, or outdoors “to achieve a perfect balance of energy usage and conservation.”

eProduct 166

The JetSpray humidifier system, from JS Humidifiers, combines compressed air and water in precision engineered nozzles, designed to produce very fine sprays of water that rapidly evaporate. According to the company, it is ideal for humidifying either directly into an atmosphere or for use in an air-handling system. The company claims the humidifier costs less than one twelfth to run than an equivalent steam humidifier. Due to self-cleaning nozzles, the manufacturer said the system requires minimal maintenance - just an annual check-over.

eProduct 167

Lennox said its whole-house Healthy Climate® humidifier, when added to a central comfort system, works to maintain correct moisture levels throughout a home. Unlike portable humidifiers that humidify a single room, a Healthy Climate humidifier is designed to add moisture as needed to circulate indoor air throughout the home, said Lennox. It uses the evaporative humidification process to introduce moisture in the form of water vapor. It said this process optimizes the distribution of moisture, helps prevent the build-up of minerals, bacteria, and mold, and minimizes the amount of maintenance required to achieve maximum comfort. The HCWP18 power humidifier has an 18-gallon per day capacity. It also has an EquaFlo™ distribution tray and a built-in fan to circulate humidified air. The HCWB17 and HCWB12 bypass humidifiers have 17-gallon and 12-gallon-per-day capacities, respectively.

eProduct 168

Maytag said its iQ Drive™ system “affords homeowners improved indoor air quality and energy savings.” The system consists of a 23 SEER air conditioner, a 95.1 percent AFUE gas furnace, a condenser unit, and iQ Drive controls. Developed by Nordyne and Panasonic, the 23 SEER unit, with iQ Drive, is designed to utilize inverter rotary technology “to achieve the highest efficiency level currently available in the heating and cooling market,” said the company. The unit’s technology provides dehumidification and “total home comfort,” it said. Traditional compressors turn on and off but the iQ Drive inverter technology only slows down when the temperature setting is reached, it said. Additional features include a sound-absorbing base, swept fan blade, fixed upper bearing, and lower discharge and muffler. The new Maytag furnace provides two-stage heating and, as part of the iQ Drive System, the furnace operates with the air cleaner and humidifier.

eProduct 169

No reheat energy source is required for these dehumidifiers from MSP Technology. It said chilled water or standard condensing unit drives the dehumidification process. Patented Multiple Small Plates dehumidifying technology pre-cools and reheats the air, it said. High-efficiency models up to 25,000 cfm are available with very low Btu/lb ratings. The company said the dehumidifiers are suitable for use in many applications, such as natatoriums, dry storage, pharmaceutical, sewage treatment, and makeup air applications.

eProduct 170

A desiccant dehumidifier developed specifically for the construction industry is now available from Munters Moisture Control Services (MCS). Called the ProDry dehumidifier, the unit is designed to significantly reduce humidity levels and improve IAQ in commercial and industrial construction applications, it said. According to the company, the unit features high capacity blowers, designed to produce faster drying times. The ProDry is placed close to a wall and ducting around the unit is minimal, it said. The system operates by taking reactivation air from the room and venting it outside. Other features include small footprint for portability; fits through a standard 30-inch door; and has purge design for high performance.

eProduct 171

The manufacturer said its Herrmidifier® Herrtronic® electronic microprocessor-based MD Series self-generating steam humidifiers are available with capacities from 5 to 250 pounds per hour. Systems are available with steam distributors for air-handling units and ducted applications or blower units for open space use. The MD units provide keypad interface with digital display, it said. Units are designed to operate with a wide range of water qualities. Capacity output adjustment from 10 to 100 percent is provided for all MD Series models, it said. According to the company, operating and service status lights on the display are designed to provide quick and easy access to unit setup and diagnostic menus in the unit. In addition, an available remote alarm indicator is designed to provide operating status feedback to a central monitoring location, it said.

eProduct 172

Vital Technologies said it is now in production and accepting orders for its new DryMAX special-duty dehumidifier. Currently available with a 2.5-ton capacity and a non-ducted (mini-split style) indoor unit, this patent-pending system features a control strategy that can deliver heating, cooling, or neutral temperature air, said the company. Dehumidification is achieved independent of a call for cooling, it said. Units are available with coated coils and may be installed in areas of high humidity and corrosive environments that are unsuitable for conventional equipment. Units are supplied with pre-charged line sets and electronic touch screen combination thermostat-humidistat. The company said units may be applied singly or in multiples to achieve the required dehumidification capacity in indoor pools, workout spaces, locker rooms, laboratories, and similar spaces in need of precise humidity control.

eProduct 173

Williams Comfort Products said its Air Sponge™ dehumidifier is designed to maintain the optimum humidity level throughout an entire home, office, or wherever it is installed. It can be installed to operate with a central cooling system or as a stand-alone unit. The company said portable dehumidifiers, which can be noisy, only serve a limited range. However, it said its dehumidifier is “a total space solution equipped to control excess moisture in every area of an indoor environment.” This product is exclusively offered by Williams and a sister company known as Phoenix Manufacturing Inc.

eProduct 174

Publication date:08/13/2007