The Everest multizone control management system features a user-friendly, digital control keypad and subcontrol thermostats for up to eight zones. Key features include motorized dampers, bypass damper control, and plug-in wiring. The system, suitable for light commercial and residential applications, can be installed on new or existing heat pump and air conditioning systems up to 6 tons, with a furnace. Everest allows existing systems to use up to 60 percent less energy, according to the manufacturer.

eProduct #151

The Aprilaire retrofit zoned comfort damper is installed through a cutout in the side of a 6-inch branch duct. This damper provides speedy installation and operates with standard 24-V zone panels, which minimizes the system cost, the company states. The damper benefits from a no-gears design and is installed with traditional sheet metal tools, wires, and fittings. The damper features an LED that indicates when the damper is closed.

eProduct #152

The HeatPumProâ„¢ is the industry's first zoning solution designed to maximize heat pump and dual-fuel system performance, says the manufacturer. SmartStagingâ„¢ controls equipment capacity is based on either thermostat demand or variable load requirements. Zone weighting matches cfm output to available duct capacity, minimizing bypass requirements. It is available in two-, three-, and four-zone configurations.

eProduct #153

Evolutionâ„¢ Series zoning allows for up to eight customized zones. The system displays single-screen zone information, copying schedules to different zones. Automatic duct assessment measures and displays airflow to each zone, knows the percentage of air into each zone, and compensates for duct variability. Features include a time stamp for the last 10 system events, airflow noise check at each zone, and customizable zone offsets. Evolution Series zoning detects and displays malfunctioning dampers and works in tandem with the Evolution System control.

eProduct #154

The Infinityâ„¢ control allows easy management of the entire Infinity System, the manufacturer states. The control integrates and manages six comfort functions: zoning, temperature, humidity, airflow, indoor air quality, and ventilation. Up to eight different zone settings can be managed by the system. An optional remote-access kit allows the system to contact the dealer when service is required and remote connectivity enables homeowners to access the system via the Internet or telephone while away from home.

eProduct #155

The Comfort First filtered diffuser features four-way adjustable airflow. Four electrostatic filters cover each discharge point internally, capturing duct pollutants - mold/mildew spores, bacteria, allergens, volatile organic compounds, and other pollutants - as small as 0.3 microns. Air is discharged vertically from this commercial supply diffuser, so no airflow blows onto workers, thereby eliminating complaints of drafts, according to the manufacturer.

eProduct #156

EnviraZone is a residential system that uses a 1-2-3 wire configuration and has an automatic discovery feature to simplify installation. The product incorporates a zone-of-greatest-demand technology that anticipates a home's demand for heating and cooling; reduces damper cycling by 15 percent; and can save up to 33 percent on energy bills, according to the company. It is available for two- and three-zone applications.

eProduct #157

The new generation of electro-thermal, fail-safe, noiseless zone globe valves, V.Z and MVZ Series, feature on-off or time proportioning/pulse width control. The two- and three-way bodies are rated at 232 psi, and are available in sizes of 1/2- to 3/4-inch NPT and in various Cv's. The 24- and 115-vac, two-wire pop-on actuators and spring-return valves can be operated with any electronic controllers or direct digital control systems.

eProduct #158

The Retro Damper is a retrofit zone control damper. Contractors can use this product to add zone control to any existing building. The damper uses standard thermostat wire and will work with almost any zone-control panel, states the manufacturer. It is available in sizes ranging from 5 to 10 inches and can work with up to 20 dampers per system.

eProduct #159

The JENEsysâ„¢ is an Internet control suite powered by NiagaraAX. It provides owners with a platform that will migrate to new communications strategies while protecting the original investments. According to the company, the product delivers a flexible point count, Web server, XML capability, open APIs, JAVA programming, and SQL. The system is designed for OEMs, national accounts, and system integration. It can provide factory-supported controls and facility control.

eProduct #160

The MACH-Stat™ is a completely customizable and networkable BACnet® Advanced Application Controller (AAC) with the "look and feel" of a traditional commercial thermostat, according to the company. Contractors can read and write control sequences, specify I/O, and customize the appearance and accessibility of up to 48 different items on eight configurable LCD displays.

eProduct #161

RCV control packages allow users to create an independent zone within a zone and are designed to work in conjunction with the CDRAMS round air-measuring damper. The actuator has an integral logic board and pressure ports that are piped into the CDRAMS flow cross. Under normal operating conditions, the damper maintains the cfm set point. A remote sensor for automatic changeover is included when the RCV control package is ordered with a heating and cooling thermostat option. Both options are available with LCD display.

eProduct #162

Switching relays combine clearly labeled PC board layouts with advanced features that allow for customization and easy contractor installation for multiple zones, the company said. External indicator lights provide instant diagnostic feedback and are UL- and CSA-listed. The product uses standard "ice cube" replaceable relays, and is compatible with conventional and programmable thermostats. EXP switching relays can be expanded up to 20 zones with priority. Switching relays are available in one, two, three, four, and six zones.

eProduct #163

SmartZoneâ„¢ controls two, three, or four zones using most any single-stage thermostat, according to the company. It controls heat pumps or gas/electric equipment by changing a dipswitch. The board also features screwless wiring terminal connections, a large temperature display, an LED light that indicates power supply, a clear enclosure, and Electronic Limit Control® that allows low- and high-temp cutout adjustment in 1°F increments. The pro-duct is available for round and rectangular dampers.

eProduct #164

The Meridianâ„¢ zone control system lets building owners and operators network single-zone, constant-volume HVAC units; multiple-zone units; or a combination of both. Designed specifically for commercial unitary rooftop and split-system HVAC systems, it provides stand-alone functionality in a microprocessor-based device providing internal time-clock functions for 7/365 programming capability, holiday scheduling, and automatic daylight savings time adjustment. Other benefits include a simple startup procedure, full compatibility with existing York EZ Zone Systems, and an open-protocol platform. The zone controller is nonproprietary; all standard controllers can be monitored from a central location.

eProduct #165

The Commander communicates remotely with one to 80 rooftop units, splits, or zones, filling a large and profitable void between programmable thermostats and energy management systems, according to the company. The system incorporates the industry's basic Windows software, and provides Internet access with every thermostat or modulating zone in the system. Signage, parking lot lights, exhaust fans, or other devices also can be controlled and scheduled remotely or onsite; return and discharge air temperatures can be viewed remotely. The system is equipped with trend logging and alarm functions.

eProduct #166

Publication date: 05/15/2006