Armacell LLC
The company recently introduced ArmaTuff PLUS, a new laminated insulation for exterior ducts, tanks, and vessels. It replaces ArmaTuff 25. According to the manufacturer, its new product offers excellent UV protection and exceeds most building insulation codes for new construction and renovation. Suitable for all-weather applications, ArmaTuff PLUS is designed to be maintenance-free and does not require painting. It is available in both sheet and roll forms, and 1-inch and 2-inch thicknesses.

eProduct #181

Atco Rubber Products Inc.
Atco offers R-4.2, R-6.0, and R-8.0 on all of its insulated products. According to the company, thermal performance is a very important issue, as state governments, local jurisdictions, and utility companies are requiring higher thermal performance ratings on all flexible duct insulation. To ensure product quality, the company said its insulated flexible duct is labeled with R-values classified by Underwriters Laboratories Inc. and the ADC (Air Diffusion Council) Seal of Certification.

eProduct #182

Berner International Corp.
Berner International said its Posi-Flow Fabric Air Diffusion Ducts are a cost-effective way of improving air dispersion to meet a large range of HVAC and refrigeration requirements. Posi-Flow Air Diffusion Ducts come in a variety of models and colors to fit any application. According to the company, these air ducts can be used for many applications, including indoor swimming pools, classrooms, gymnasiums, supermarkets, manufacturing plants, restaurants, and retail stores. Maintaining them is easy because of their durability, said the company. They are machine washable, lightweight, and heat resistant.

eProduct #183

CertainTeed Corp.
CertainTeed recently introduced ToughGard®2 textile duct liner, designed to provide improved levels of acoustical and thermal performance. Advances in product design and manufacturing technology have contributed to enhanced R-values that are now available in the duct liner, the company said. The company pointed out that the product's unique composition of glass fibers yields a cleaner cut in the contractor's shop. It is designed for systems operating at velocities of up to 6,000 fpm and temperatures to 250 degrees F. ToughGard2 is certified for low emission by the Greenguard Institute.

eProduct #184

Duro Dyne
The company described its new target pins as "the most innovative idea in insulation fastening." Target pins feature a recessed head and a cupped washer, designed to create a flush, gently contoured surface top. The company said this makes for a more aerodynamic airflow. With an embossed top and consistent point, the manufacturer said it assumes tremendous strength at the point of weld and on the airstream surface. Target pins are sold in one gallon buckets.

eProduct #185

Gustafson, a division of E. H. Gustafson & Co., recently announced its HV2 product line - an industrial strength self-sealing duct for residential use. The company said the gasketed HV2 product "is the tightest ductwork on the market and ensures the homeowners that they will be cooling their living spaces and not their crawlspace." By reducing leakage, the HV2 product is designed to reduce the possibility of dust and mold in the duct system. Also, the homeowner will save money every month by reducing energy costs, the company said. The HV2 product line is available in 7-, 9-, and 10-inch diameters.

eProduct #186

Hardcast, a division of Carlisle Coatings and Waterproofing (CCW) Inc., introduced its Spatter and Save rebate program. The program is designed to offer a new way for sheet metal shops to capitalize from using Hardcast's spray gun and Booth-Tackâ„¢ and Speed-Tackâ„¢ adhesives, products, and equipment. In the Spatter and Save program, customers who purchase two drums of Hardcast's Booth-Tack or Speed-Tack duct insulation adhesives receive a Graco spatter gun to keep, three gallons of mineral spirits to prep for changeover, an empty 5-gallon pail to use in flushing systems, and a Hardcast hat. The company said it eliminates many challenges, such as spray gun clogging and excessive product overspray. Hardcast's line of premium duct insulation adhesives also includes Coil-Tackâ„¢, Roto-Tackâ„¢, Insta-Tackâ„¢, Seal-Tackâ„¢ and Travel-Tackâ„¢. Hardcast also offers Un-Tackâ„¢, an adhesive remover and cleaner, along with an adhesive delivery system for adhesive spray guns and hoses.

eProduct #187

Nomaco K-Flex
Nomaco K-Flex offers K-Flex Duct Liner in a variety of widths (up to 60 inches) for sheet metal and insulation contractors. The closed-cell foam product provides R-4 thermal resistance at 1-inch thickness and is available with pressure-sensitive adhesive. It said K-Flex also resists moisture, mold, and mildew; is fiber-free and non-dusting; meets energy and mechanical code requirements; and reduces installation time.

eProduct #188

Owens Corning
The newly formatted QuietRâ„¢ acoustic duct liner is designed to inhibit the penetration of dirt, dust, and other pollutants found in HVAC systems. Through a modified blend of glass fibers, the manufacturer said its duct liner has improved its acoustical performance by more than 8 percent. The product also provides enhanced flexibility, and a softer-feeling duct liner that is less irritating, the company said. It is surface rated for internal air velocities of up to 6,000 fpm, and is available in several thicknesses and densities in order to meet the specific system thermal and acoustical requirements.

eProduct #189

Paramount Concepts Ltd.
The Paramount Hâ„¢ is an adjustable frame, designed to provide fast and easy installation of register components. Key features include an adjustable slider for different register sizes, mounting legs that fit under the drywall while covering joist spacing up to 24 inches on center, secure connection tabs to lock the boot into the frame, self-threading/nonstrip mounts for attachment of the register grille, and an inside lip for fast and accurate dry wall cuts, the company said. The Paramount H is constructed of rugged plastic material that is heat/cold/UV resistant, and does not cause cuts, noise, or condensation, said the company.

eProduct #190

Semco Duct & Acoustical Products Inc.
The company said its custom manifolded duct is delivered to the jobsite cut to length with taps and fittings preinstalled at the factory. Depending on the application, a single piece of manifolded duct could have several taps. Each of these taps represents jobsite field labor for the contractor, the company said. Because the duct is preassembled, there are fewer pieces to unload, thus saving valuable material handling time, said the company. In addition, the items are piece-marked, designed to make for quicker distribution to the various areas of the project and minimize the possibility of delivering to the wrong area. Another benefit is that it allows for utilization of more efficient installation methods, the company said.

eProduct #191

Avron46â„¢ antimicrobial coating is a "revolutionary coating," which the manufacturer said is the cost-effective answer to the growing concern over mold growth in HVAC air duct systems. Avron46 utilizes an active ingredient approved by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) for use in air duct systems. Tests conducted at a major U.S. laboratory have proven that Avron46 effectively inhibits microbial growth on HVAC air duct surfaces, the manufacturer said. Independent tests have also determined that HVAC products protected with Avron46 meet all UL-181 standards. In addition, it is safe, as it is water-based, VOC-free, and does not release its active agent into the air stream, said the company.

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Publication date: 10/10/2005