AAF International

The 4-inch PerfectPleat offers consistent pleat spacing and durability. Each 4-inch model places a DuraFlex® media pack inside a two-piece frame. Straps on the air-entering side of the filter help maintain pleat spacing; spacers are inserted in multiple rows on the air-leaving side. The two-piece frame is assembled around the rigid media pack and bonded at all contact points with moisture-resistant adhesives. Standard and High Capacity (HC) models are rated MERV 7. The standard 4-inch PerfectPleat has nine pleats per foot; the HC has 11.

eProduct #200

Abatement Technologies

Two new injection-molded central air purifiers have been designed for residential HVAC systems. The CAP500 Series can provide a higher kill level of bacteria, molds, and viruses, and installs in 10 minutes or less, the company says. One model is designed for return duct mounting; the other mounts above the A coil. The air purifiers feature a lightweight, injection-molded case; visual and audible lamp status alarms; easy lamp replacement; sealed electronics; UV output of 1,950 µw per square centimeter at 6 inches; and safety lamp-shutoff switches.

eProduct #201

AirAdvice Inc.

The AirAdvice® IAQ monitor is a multisensor that continually measures temperature, humidity, volatile organic compounds (VOCs), airborne particles, carbon monoxide (CO), and carbon dioxide (CO2, Model 5100 only) in one-minute cycles. The monitor transmits IAQ data over a phone line for 30 seconds once each day, usually late at night, via a toll-free number. Contractors log on to the AirAdvice Web site and print out the customer's personalized IAQ results. A 110-VAC power pack and carrying case are included.

eProduct #202

Aircuity Inc.

The OptiNet'sâ„¢ patented technology combines physical and virtual sensors with artificial intelligence-based analysis. The system continuously measures environmental parameters (CO, CO2, total VOCs, small particles, temperature, and humidity), analyzes the data, and generates a report. Real-time analysis of the building environment is available through the company's Web-based Knowledge Center. Applications include indoor environmental quality, thermal comfort, and ventilation monitoring; LEEDâ„¢ certification; energy performance evaluation; and continuous commissioning.

eProduct #203


The Monoxor® III offers service technicians an easy way to locate CO in ambient air and in stack gases, the company says. The battery-powered, handheld CO analyzer can measure levels of CO between 0 and 2,000 ppm. In addition to locating CO in ambient air, the analyzer uses a stainless steel probe and 5 feet of tubing to sample CO found in flue gases of residential furnaces, combustion appliances, and commercial-industrial boilers. A wireless printer (optional) provides permanent records of detected CO levels.

eProduct #204

Bard Manufacturing Co.

The company's wall-mount energy recovery ventilator (WERV) offers an innovative approach to meeting IAQ ventilation requirements as established by the American Society of Heating, Refrigerating, & Air-Conditioning Engineers Standard 62-01. The ventilator allows from 200 to 450 cfm of fresh air and exhaust through the unit while maintaining superior indoor comfort and humidity levels, the company says. The WERV consists of a rotary energy recovery cassette that is designed to provide effective sensible and latent heat transfer capabilities during summer and winter conditions.

eProduct #205


The BreatheClean® whole-home air purification system harnesses high-intensity UV light to destroy mold spores, bacteria, fungi, yeast, dust mites, viruses, and other airborne microorganisms, the company says. Installed into the home's central ductwork, the unit plugs into a standard electrical outlet. It operates 24 hours a day, has been approved by UL, and does not produce ozone. Typical installations by HVAC professionals take less than 30 minutes, the company claims. Light bulbs are designed to last one year. The cord length is 12 feet.

eProduct #206

Camfil Farr

The Camsorbâ„¢ CH loose-fill V-cell filter helps control odors, vapors, and gaseous indoor pollutants. The sorbent filter helps control normal occupancy odor loads in commercial-industrial buildings, and reduces low-level gaseous contaminants and ozone that may enter from outdoors. Honeycomb panels contain the loose-fill media. Additional features include low airflow resistance (nominal 0.38 inches water gauge at 500 fpm) and MERV 11 efficiency. The filter has a 1-inch header for mounting in built-up banks or side-access housings with a minimum 12-inch depth.

eProduct #207


LiveIAQ is a scalable IAQ and temperature monitoring device that transmits its data via the Web and supports wired and wireless sensors. The device is portable; both it and its wireless sensors can be deployed without special software. The Web-enabled solution supports wired or wireless sensors. The data-collection component can be installed on a dedicated server within the facility or collected by an Internet protocol-accessible server on a subscription basis. LiveIAQ also integrates seamlessly with LiveKW, a Web-based power monitoring solution.

eProduct #208

Des Champs Technologies

CompleVent is a unitary-type, low-cost line of energy recovery ventilators and dehumidifiers. Six different configurations are available: single and double heat exchanger units, total or sensible energy recovery, and single- or dual-path units. Sizes range from 500 to 10,000 cfm with gas, electric, and hydronic heating options, and chilled-water and DX cooling options.

eProduct #209

Dust Free

The Bio-Fighter® Ultra-Flex is a remote-lamp UV system. At 4 by 9 by 2 inches, the product can be installed quickly in tight spaces, the company says. Six-foot remote-lamp cords, multivoltage electronic ballast (120-240 V), and "no tools required" lamp retainer facilitate installation. The Ultra-Flex shares the same 14-, 16-, and 20-inch lamps as the company's Triad FlexMount. Additional features include single- and dual-lamp options, air-handling unit view port, ETL listing, and limited lifetime warranty.

eProduct #210

Environmental Dynamics Group

The Dynamic Air Cleaner offers more than 35 standard sizes to fit most furnace filter racks or return air grilles; custom sizes are available. The high-efficiency (97 percent at 0.3 microns) electronic air cleaner (EAC) can be installed without ductwork modifications, the company says. The EACs remove odors, VOCs, and submicron particles via collection on low-static media pads containing an activated-carbon center screen. The cleaners run on 24 volts and wire directly to the furnace control board or plug into a 110-V outlet.

eProduct #211

Field Controls

UV-500C can purify air in areas up to 500 square feet. It features an 8-inch UV lamp, heavy-duty fan, three-speed control, and 10- by 10-inch high-efficiency, carbon-coated filter. A circuit board monitors lamp and filter life; a display indicates when the lamp or filter should be replaced. Benefits of the company's in-duct models can be enhanced with the portable unit. "The combined use of the portable and in-duct models is an extremely effective whole-house solution," the company says.

eProduct #212

Indoor Air Products LLC

Air Hawk air purification units are designed for commercial applications. These units mount above the ceiling tile and continually sweep and cleanse the air without noise or drafts. The units use oxidizing catalytic technology that neutralizes odors, fumes, and toxic chemicals to water and CO2 byproducts; germicidal UV light; MERV-14 particle filtration; and push-pull technology for airflow.

eProduct #213


The Kestrel 4100 airflow meter measures cfm, temperature, rh, and dew point, storing up to 480 data points in its logger. The user chooses the shape of the duct or opening, then enters its dimensions; airflow is automatically calculated in cfm. Instantaneous cfm readings are displayed when the instrument is held in airflow. The instrument stores maximum and average flow values. An external temperature sensor takes readings within ±1 degree C in under a minute. The humidity sensor reads within ±3 percent even in changing conditions, the company says.

eProduct #214

Outside Air Solutions Co.

The MoistuRe-Mover® humidity control is said to offer outside air units 100-percent outdoor air ventilation and dehumidification capabilities. The product is designed to provide this control in the space being served - not only in the ventilation load but also the humidity in the space from occupants and infiltration. It also is designed to prevent overcooling, eliminating the need for reheat. The DP50 has been designed for use throughout the United States.

eProduct #215

Rheem Manufacturing Co., A/C Division

The company's Protech® IAQ products include UV filters, electronic air cleaners, humidification systems, energy recovery ventilators, and heat recovery ventilators. "Homeowners today are asking for - and in some cases demanding - healthier homes," said parts marketing manager Art Berg. "Our Protech-branded IAQ products allow builders to address and meet these needs, and enable them to generate greater selling opportunities to their customers."

eProduct #216


The Rotobrush® SCSR is the most effective portable air duct cleaning equipment available, the company says. Designed specifically for air duct cleaning, the Rotobrush power-brushes and vacuums at the same time. A free video and "Air Duct Cleaning Business Planning Guide," is available from the company.

eProduct #217


The Roline-L Series targets the low-cost HVAC and OEM marketplace. The Roline-L features Rotronic's HygroClip digital signal processing hardware. The HygroClip technology offers improved sensor linearization and temperature compensation while providing more consistent product performance. Software calibration eliminates troublesome potentiometers, the company says. Direct connections between the transmitter and Rotronic's HygroPalm calibrator make field service simpler.

eProduct #218


The SaberAPR purifier is designed to bask stationary objects with UVC germicidal light, destroying mold and other microbial contaminants, the company says. It's available with a 12- or 18-inch, high-intensity UVC quartz lamp. A patent-pending rotatable parabolic reflector guarantees that 100 percent of the UV energy is directed onto the object, the company says. The reflector is designed to extend lamp life by intensifying the UV energy throughout the lamp's three-year operating life while protecting plastics from UV rays.

eProduct #219

Steril-Aire Inc.

The Modular Radiometer system measures the output of UVC devices. The system includes a separate display, sensor, and logic controller, allowing the use of some or all components to fit the needs of the end user. Applications include large or critical HVAC installations, and surface disinfection systems in manufacturing clean rooms and food processing areas. The radiometer can measure UVC output in microwatts per square centimeters and in a user-defined, preset percentage. Only the sensor is needed for recalibration service, the company says.

eProduct #220

Strion Air

The StrionAir System combines mechanical filtration, electrostatics, and ionization in one package. Filtration efficiency is MERV 16; the system uses an active germicidal mechanism "demonstrated effective against bioterror agents, airborne bacteria, viruses, and molds," the company says, with significantly lower energy and operating costs. Because it can reduce HVAC system energy consumption and maintenance, the StrionAir offers a one- to two-year return on investment from energy and operating cost savings, the company says.

eProduct #221

Tamarack Technologies Inc.

The Airetrakâ„¢ microprocessor-based controller is designed to automatically control fan speed and cycle time, while allowing occupants access to a full-speed boost cycle. Onsite programming takes less than two minutes, the company says. The controller fits into an electrical gang box and uses a standard cover plate. Airflow is adjustable from 40 percent to 100 percent of fan capacity. The built-in timer is programmed to operate ventilation equipment in five-minute increments during a 12- or 24-hour cycle.

eProduct #222

Triatomic Environmental

The Fresh-Aire UV filter combines the Fresh-Aire UV light with a 1-inch filter for installation into standard 1-inch filter slots or grilles, allowing the UV light to target areas downstream of the filter. The product includes a MERV-6, UV-reactive filter media and UV element. The media is designed to increase the light's ability to react with the moving airstream. An Odor-Splice option helps reduce typical indoor odors. Applications include smaller fan coils, water-source heat pumps, and jobs where contractors have hesitated to add a UV light, the manufacturer says.

eProduct #223

Ultravation Inc.

Ultravation's Photronicâ„¢ air purification system is a Multi-stageâ„¢ system that improves indoor air by addressing the major indoor air pollution types: particulates, odors/VOCs, and airborne microorganisms/allergens. Designed for residential HVAC systems, the Photronic installs in place of a typical media or electronic air cleaner. It combines MERV-11 media filtration, UVC disinfection, and Ultravation's Refreshâ„¢, a system that neutralizes odors using nanotechnology to decompose odor-causing molecules. The Refresh photocatalyst system is activated by the application of UV light, the company explains.

eProduct #224

Vac Systems International

The company says its Super Trac III (5 in 1) robotic inspection and cleaning system is "a great selling and quality assurance tool for HVAC system cleaning contractors and other IAQ professionals." The package includes manual inspection, robotic inspection, air washing, power brushing, and spraying systems. It features color cameras, variable-intensity lights, and color monitor with built-in VCR and microphone. The system comes in a road case with tilt wheels and a collapsible handle.

eProduct #225

York International Corp. UPG

York® IAQ products, available through York Total Comfort Systems®, include heat recovery and energy recovery ventilators; UV air treatment systems that cast UV energy onto cooling system components; and electronic and media air cleaners that remove dust, pollen, pet dander, plant spores, fungi, bacteria, tobacco smoke, and other small particles. Bypass whole-house humidifiers and powered flow-through humidifiers come with a convertible humidity control.

eProduct #226

Publication date: 03/21/2005