The VariCel M-Pak is a "midi" pack, extended media surface filter for high-efficiency applications. With a depth of 5 7/ 8 inches, the M-Pak delivers the same efficiency, pressure drop, and service life expected of conventional 12-inch deep filters, according to the company. Three efficiencies are available: MERV 14, MERV 13, and MERV 11. In addition, the MERV 14 and 11 models are available with Intersept®. The filter media used in the M-Pak is AAF's dual-density, wet-laid fiberglass design.

eProduct 200

The V4-Bank filter, manufactured by Engineered Filtration Systems (EFS), is the lowest pressure-drop (0.30-inch wg), MERV-16 (98 percent) filter available in the market today, the company says. Designed to withstand high velocities and turbulence, the EFS V4-Bank is ideal for most air-handling systems. The filter is made of synthetic media and provides exceptionally low pressure drop at high efficiency levels, saving energy costs while improving indoor air quality, says the company. Its handling bar helps prevent damage to media. Nonshedding fibers are said to resist moisture and chemicals. The filter element is free of metal parts.

eProduct 201

X-Tremeâ„¢ pleated panel filters have a new, self-supported media that offers high strength, moisture resistance, and eliminates the need for expanded metal backing. The strength and stiffness of the media result in consistent pleat shape, spacing, and height. The filters snap back to their original shape if damaged or deformed with no loss of structural integrity, the company says. The frame and media pack are bonded with a water-repellent adhesive to maintain structural integrity when wet. The media's synthetic fibers are constructed for full depth loading, ensuring uniform dirt collection over the entire media surface. Rated MERV 7, these filters do not contain any metal components. The filters are incinerable.

eProduct 202

The new generation of Amaircare Air Wash central (whole-house) HEPA filter systems includes the Whisper 350 (350 cfm) and Whisper 675 (675 cfm) models. They now feature insulated cabinets to reduce noise and allow for easier installations in attics and other unconditioned spaces. The new units will continue to employ Amaircare's Perfect Seal HEPA technology, the company said.

eProduct 203

New Camsorb® Riga-Carb deep-pleated carbon filters help remove strong odors and diesel emissions, and can improve IAQ in commercial buildings while potentially reducing HVAC energy costs, the company said. The carbon filters are designed to fit wherever a regular or headered rigid filter can be installed. The filters combine high (95 plus percent) initial odor removal efficiency with low-pressure drop and resistance to airflow. Using the filter for odor control can allow makeup air intake flow to be lowered. Several models are available; rapid-adsorption activated carbon can control odors ranging from restaurants and wood finishes, to truck emissions and formaldehyde.

eProduct 204

OdorGuard® rigid cell filters offer extended-surface chemical filtration. These self-supporting box filters are ideal for pharmaceutical, microelectronic, clean room, and traditional HVAC installations. They are available with granular activated carbon, or a 50-50 blend of carbon and activated alumina impregnated with 5-percent potassium permanganate, to remove a wide range of odors, VOCs, and light gases. Galvanized steel frames resist corrosion in moist, humid conditions, and are available with or without a header and in standard HVAC or custom sizes.

eProduct 205

With an efficiency of 97 percent at 0.3 microns, Dynamic Air Cleaners have more than 35 standard sizes to fit most furnace filter racks or return air grilles. Custom sizes are available. The air cleaner can be offered to customers without ductwork modifications, the company says. The units can remove odors and VOCs; submicron particles collect on disposable, low-static media pads with an activated carbon center screen. Media pads are easily replaced two to four times a year, and are available in 1- and 2-inch panels that run on 24 V; the filters are wired directly to the furnace control board or plugged into a 110-V outlet.

eProduct 206

Intrepid® rigid-pleat synthetic media for 65 to 95 percent-efficient rigid filter products includes an aluminum separator, minipleat, and V-bank filters. The media is available in 65 percent efficient (MERV 11), 85 percent efficient (MERV 13 to 14), and 95 percent efficient (MERV 14 to 15). An energy cost analysis software program calculates energy consumption and resulting energy costs associated with various filter options. The media is designed to provide a mix of fiber diameters to ensure high efficiency while minimizing pressure drop. It's manufactured with continuous filaments (will not shed fibers) and without chemical binders.

eProduct 207

The DuraMAX 2vâ„¢ high-efficiency minipleat filter extended-surface design offers prolonged filter life. The product is engineered to provide low resistance to airflow. It is suitable for commercial and industrial HVAC applications, including office buildings, hospitals, and paint booths. It contains approximately 110 square feet of filter media, features high-capacity minipleat design, low resistance to airflow/low pressure drop, rigid all-plastic frame for incineration, and five efficiency ranges.

eProduct 208

Turbulent Flow Precipitation (TFP) combines two particle-capture technologies to ensure clean air throughout the home, the company says. This compact unit eliminates pollutants, odors, and dust down to 0.1 micron, the company says. Dirty air passes through the walls of the internal airway, where pleated fabric traps particles as they are flung out of the airstream. It is said to achieve maximum HEPA performance by removing 99.97 percent of particles. It includes a high-efficiency fan motor, HEPA filter, and foil-insulated cabinet.

eProduct 209

This "always fresh, always clean" filtration system uses the Optimair filter to maintain airflow while filter media traps dust and dirt. The media is automatically advancing when airflow is reduced through the media. Contractors install the filter in 1-inch slots. Media life is up to two years. Change outs can be done in conjunction with annual cleanings and tune-ups. The product is manufactured in most popular filter sizes and carries a conditional lifetime warranty.

eProduct 210

The PreVent® filter is a primary pre-filtration defense against large volumes of debris, helping prevent damage and extensive maintenance that can result. Custom designed and manufactured to fit any size air intake, the filter is constructed of three-dimensional electrostatic media. The media's charge allows for higher particle arrestance efficiency and enhanced ability to capture and hold smaller particles. The filter is UV protected and can withstand extreme outdoor or indoor exposure, corrosive chemicals, high-velocity airflow, and industrial cleaning and maintenance handling.

eProduct 211

The Purafil® Triple-Blend makeup air media is used in airports and other commercial facilities where removal of diesel exhaust, jet fuel fumes, and automobile emissions from makeup airstreams is essential. The makeup air media is composed of a 50:25:25 blend, respectively, of the manufacturer's Puracarb® and Purafil SP media for removal of nitrogen dioxide, nitric oxides, and sulfur dioxide, plus Purakol® media for removal of hydrocarbons. Triple-Blend is housed in MediaPAK™ disposable plastic modules constructed of recyclable polystyrene plastic. Replacement modules slide into and out of Purafil's front and side access systems; no tools are required.

eProduct 212

Mark 7â„¢ high-performance, self-supported, pleated panel air filters are rated MERV 7 (mechanical) on the ASHRAE 52.2 test standard. The filters feature totally consistent pleat shape, spacing, and height using a moisture-resistant synthetic media with no wire grid or metal components. The high-strength media has excellent memory and resiliency and, if damaged, will snap back to original shape, the company says. The Mark 7 is incinerable, with metal-free construction.

eProduct 213

The Airistar® 500 and 1000 portable air purification units clean the air while providing increased air changes per hour. The units place advanced filter media into a proprietary, six-stage purification process called Hexaflow™. Hexaflow features Melt Blown Fiber (MBF) filter media, the next generation of HEPA filter technology, to strip away airborne contaminants within indoor environments. The products can be used in conjunction with HVAC systems and are not disruptive to HVAC balance settings, the company says.

eProduct 214

VisionAirâ„¢, an air-cleaning system that combines remote control operation and interchangeable filters, is said to remove up to 99.97 percent of indoor irritants and pollutants like bacteria and viruses, pollen, fungi, aerosols, and smoke. VisionAir1 services up to 6,000 cubic feet and can be either a freestanding, portable unit or mounted to the wall or ceiling. VisionAir2 services up to 12,000 cubic feet and can be mounted on or in a wall or ceiling. Users can choose the electrostatic ElectroMax filter or HEPA MediaMax filter. Options include the Odor-Free Filter (for more pervasive smells), Sterile Air (UV light), and Air Monitor (measures pollution and automatically adjusts fan speed).

eProduct 215

UV and Ionizing Units

These in-duct air purifiers have been evaluated in university peer-reviewed research that verified kill rates of more than 99.9 percent on mold, VOCs, bacteria, and viruses. A high-power, 25,000-hour UV-X lamp is used in conjunction with a matrix catalyst of rare and noble metals, creating a plasma of safe oxidizers to purify both the air and surfaces. Unlike other UV systems, the product does not rely on multiple passes for purification, but accomplishes this instantly, the company says. These concealed devices are scaled to accommodate various airflows and blower sizes.

eProduct 216

The Infinity Air Purifier from Carrier captures and kills airborne allergens, bacteria, molds, and viruses. It will even kill airborne weapons-grade anthrax, according to the manufacturer. The patented technologies charge particles in the air using precision-point ionization. These changed particles are then captured on a unique, continuously charged media. The product works as a whole-house air purification system. It can work with any Carrier furnace or fan coil; however, when used with the Infinity System it provides even greater air purification efficiencies.

eProduct 217

The BioCirc® Total Air Filtration system combines UV light, mechanical filtration, and gas-phase air purification technologies in a single-source packaged unit. This commercial IAQ solution is available as 350- to 3,000-cfm self-contained, ductless units for single rooms up to 25,000 square feet; OEM or retrofitable units inside central air-handling equipment up to 100,000 cfm; and as duct-mounted units. The Circulok® tight-sealing housing helps eliminate filter bypass. A parabolic reflector system intensifies exposure time.

eProduct 218

Trion® by Fedders tabletop and console electronic air purifiers feature the Forever Filter® and remove up to 95 percent of airborne pollutants as small as 0.01 microns, the company says. The filter contains an ionizer that electronically charges airborne pollutants. The permanent filter attracts and captures charged particles on aluminum collection plates. The unit's three-stage filtration includes a pre-filter and an activated charcoal filter. A fan pulls air in from around the room.

eProduct 219

Air Hawk air purification systems combine high-grade media filtration, photocatalytic oxidation, and UV light to eliminate biological contaminants and neutralize gases and odors. The units are self-contained for continuous cleaning. The company said this air cleaning technology was developed by Sandia Laboratory and the National Renewable Energy Laboratory, and has been used by the Department of Defense to destroy toxic organic compounds that are hazardous to human health and the environment.

eProduct 220

The company's duct-mounted combination UVC/HEPA air filtration unit includes an integral supply fan for space air evacuation/pressurization. It may be used as either a negative- or positive-pressure IAQ filtration module to kill and capture microorganisms, and can be mounted above the ceiling and in-duct for existing and new A/C systems. Air delivered by the unit is treated with a high dose of UVC kill energy for microbe elimination, with a 99.97 percent efficient, hospital-grade HEPA element to stop airborne particulate down to 0.3 microns. The technology was tested at the Center for Biological Defense at the University of South Florida in Tampa.

eProduct 221

The High-Security Filter System provides 99.99 percent filtration efficiency of particles and 99.95 percent filtration of airborne biological and chemical agents. The system is applicable to new systems and retrofitted to HVAC installations. The Lifa 3G filter family includes a multistage Lifa High-Security Filter System to remove particulate and gaseous pollutants. The air then passes through the Ultra Low Penetration Air (ULPA) filter, which retains the finest impurities, solid and liquid, as well as radioactive particles. Optional UV lights destroy bacteria collected on particles. From there, air flows through an activated carbon filter to absorb gases. A centrifugal fan compensates for pressure drop caused by the ULPA and absorption filters.

eProduct 222

This probe-mounted air disinfector uses UVC technology, disinfecting the air from viruses and bacteria and disinfecting surfaces from mold and spores. Typical installations are applied to either the supply or return air plenum. When used in conjunction with a MERV 11 filter, these units disinfect the air. A unit installed in line of sight of the A/C coils and drain pan helps inhibit mold growth. The probe-mounted air disinfector is a UL-classified air duct accessory with a five-year warranty. Solid-state electronic ballasts are designed with safeguards against accidental UV exposure; a viewing port facilitates lamp inspection. The units use Philips Germicidal Sterilamps, which produce no ozone.

eProduct 223

The HFX HEPA filter/UV air purifier is equipped with a 2-inch pre-filter and 2-inch HEPA filter that is 99.97 percent effective, trapping particles down to 0.3 microns. Air purification is accomplished with a proprietary, UVC/UVV, 19-mm Pure Fused Quartz "J" lamp installed parallel to the airflow in an aluminum reflecting box for increased dwell time and reflectivity. The germicidal photo-oxidation process bombards the air, destroying biological and chemical contaminants. The air then passes through the pre-filter. Finally, the HEPA filter removes particulates down to 0.3 microns. The two-speed unit can be used as a stand-alone purifier/filter or installed onto the ventilation system.

eProduct 224

The Remedial In-Room Decontamination System (RIDS) is a mobile decontamination unit based on multipatented, high-output UVC technology, providing a safe and effective way to decontaminate surfaces infested with mold, viruses, and bacteria. The user wheels the unit into the affected area, leaves the room, and turns on the unit remotely, allowing energy from the UVC Emittersâ„¢ to decontaminate walls, tabletops, and other surfaces. A 12- by 12-foot area can be decontaminated in approximately 24 hours, the company says. The technology uses no chemicals, produces no ozone or other toxic contaminants, and minimizes worker exposure during decontamination.

eProduct 225

The StrionAir system is a hybrid of three air filtration methods - ionization, electrostatic, and mechanical filtration. With the system, you can capture and kill contaminants with a product that provides MERV 16 performance rated at ASHRAE 52.2, low pressure drop, germicidal effects, high filter loading and arrestance, and easy installation, according to the company.

eProduct 226

The new 24-VAC Blue-Tubeâ„¢ UV system features a weather-resistant, remote-mountable, 15-inch UV lamp with a 24-VAC low-voltage ballast. It can be connected to the low-voltage control power. The system comes complete with "Z" lamp bracket for installation flexibility, 6-foot waterproof lamp connector, mounting hardware kit, and self-merchandising packaging. The Blue-Tube UV can reduce mold and bacteria. An odor splice lamp is available to help reduce household odors.

eProduct 227

The SP-200 in-duct catalytic air purifier works with any 3- to 5-ton HVAC system, the company says. Oxidizing catalytic technology converts and neutralizes odors, fumes, and toxic chemicals to benign water and carbon dioxide byproducts. There is no ozone generation. Germicidal UV light kills airborne virus and bacteria. MERV 11 high-efficiency particle filtration arrests mold spores, pollen, and dust. The system removes up to 93.3 percent of microscopic airborne particles. An electronic display panel alerts homeowners and maintenance personnel 30 days in advance of six-month service intervals.

eProduct 228

Ultravation has integrated its Refreshâ„¢ Ultra-Ionâ„¢ photocatalytic VOC odor reduction, and its germicidal UVC technology into its complete line of whole-house air cleaners for HVAC systems. Photronicâ„¢ is an all-in-one system that combines high efficiency MERV 11 extended life filtration, a proprietary PCO odor reduction formulation, and remote lamp high intensity T3â„¢ enhanced UVC air stream and surface disinfection.

eProduct 229

Duct Cleaners and Vacuums

The Turbojet Model 2012V for residential or light commercial duct cleaning is a smaller unit with features and performance traditionally found in units twice its size and weight, the company says. The 2012V weighs just over 100 pounds and can provide 2,700 cfm at 5 inches static pressure, has a 12-inch inlet and three-stage HEPA filtration. It has a two-speed soft start, with low (13-A) speed or high (17-A) speed operation. It is maneuverable in and out of service vehicles and up and down stairs. An optional exhaust flange kit connects to exhaust air through a 12-inch twist-lock hose outside the work area. The unit has steel-reinforced aluminum construction and a powder-coated finish.

eProduct 230

The Crosswind is an electric-powered HEPA vacuum that combines modular design, aluminum construction, and state-of-the-art technology to make it the most powerful vacuum in its class, the company says. Designed to operate on standard household current, the 5-hp motor incorporates a digital control panel to monitor operating parameters. A built-in keypad allows fingertip control of motor speed and amp draw.

eProduct 231

The new Rotobrush aiR+ is a one-man operated duct-cleaning system. According to the company, a typical job takes less than a couple of hours. Its modular design allows access to difficult locations including attics and crawlspaces, and its patented technology places power brushes and vacuums inside the ductwork at the same time. The aiR+ is said to fit easily on a contractor's existing vehicle "with room to spare."

eProduct 232

The Super Collector E5 vfd portable vacuum collection system is ideal for commercial air duct cleaning projects. A 5-hp motor with variable-frequency drive delivers the same performance as a 6- to 7-hp motor, the company says. This suction performance helps contractors isolate longer duct runs with one hookup for better productivity and profits. Pre-filters are cleanable, and the high-capacity HEPA filter lasts from one to two years. The small footprint, large collection capacity, and dual-voltage capability are additional features.

eProduct 233

Publication date: 03/20/2006