A-1 Components

The company has added a new line of direct-drive, condenser fan, unit bearing, and skeleton motors from Rotom Motors of Canada. "Having been a long-time distributor of GE Motors, our customers expected us to continue to distribute motors. We felt that Rotom motors offered us equal or better quality than we had before," said Shane Mummery, vice president of marketing and sales. A-1 Components is an independently owned company serving the HVACR wholesale and OEM industries.

eProduct #200

ABB Inc.

The company's drive line has been extended to 600 V. Its new ACH550 AC drive family combines simplicity, convenience, fieldbus connectivity, harmonic mitigation, and programmability. Extension of the voltage rating in a 2- to 150-hp range broadens the number of end users that will be able to install the drives for HVAC applications, the company says. Available in NEMA 1 or NEMA 12 enclosures, with supply voltages from 208 to 600 V, the ACH550 drives feature two internal slots for options, such as a 115/230-V digital interface card, I/O expansion, or fieldbus adapters.

eProduct #201

A.O. Smith Electrical Products Co.

The manufacturer's ECM Comfort Speed motor has been upgraded to deliver reliable performance and the enhanced comfort and improved efficiency of a variable-speed product, according to the company. The motor is suitable for furnaces, air conditioners, heat pumps, and other home comfort applications, and is designed to deliver constant cubic feet per minute (cfm) in heating-cooling applications. The motor offers variable speed within its load and speed limits, quiet operation, and enhanced efficiency. The motor's programmability enables the installer to tailor the motor to the homeowner's needs and the specific requirements of the application. The ECM's design allows for slow ramp-ups and even run-downs for consistent temperatures, constant air circulation at reduced speed, improved humidity control through continuous operation, and more efficient use of air filters or electronic air cleaners, the company said.

eProduct #202

Cleveland Motion Controls

This ACtionMaster variable-frequency drive (VFD), created for the specific requirements of the HVAC industry, is available from 1/2 to 350 hp. The ACtionMaster S5 Series uses a space vector pulse-width modulated (PWM) algorithm that results in higher electrical efficiency, the company said. The drive provides 150 percent current for one minute; a "trip free" algorithm for maximum torque and optimum acceleration and deceleration; and a built-in proportional-integral-derivative (PID) controller. The drive's design permits conduit entry from top or bottom of the enclosure; ample internal space offers technicians easier access to power components. In addition, the enclosure door can be removed quickly, the company said. All control connections are brought to color-coded terminal blocks. The connection drawing (adhered to the inside of the enclosure door) includes a quick-start guide with troubleshooting information. All of the VFDs include a standard 3 percent line reactor to reduce harmonics. The complete unit takes up less than 4.5 square feet of wall space.

eProduct #203

Hitachi America Ltd.

The company's Power and Industrial Division's new HiVAC Series inverters are used for variable-torque applications including fans, cooling towers, and pumps. Features include PID (proportional-integral-derivative) control, anti-windmilling, loss of reference signal, intelligent terminal systems, three programmable output relays, and RS485 communications. The HiVAC with SC-OPE3H enhanced HVAC LCD keypad has embedded building automation system (BAS) protocols. The LCD keypad is also equipped with Hand/Off/Auto, Quick Menu, and Read/Write functions. The HiPASS bypass package is designed for crucial applications so that the customer's system can remain in operation. The HiPASS' NEMA 1, side-by-side, wall-mountable enclosure design allows for use of minimum wall space. All internal components are easily accessible, the company said. A user-friendly terminal strip allows access to the HiVAC drive's intelligent inputs, analog inputs, and BAS connections.

eProduct #204

Publication date: 04/11/2005