The A.O. Smith Comfort Select motor is part of the distinct ECM Comfort Series.

Here is a listing of some products in the motors, drives, and variable-speed products category.

A.O. Smith Electrical Products Co.( offers three distinct ECM products under the Comfort Series family name to meet the ever growing needs of the HVAC market. These products are designed for air moving applications, both residential and light commercial.

The Premium Comfort product targets applications where efficiency and full variable functionality are the key drivers in ECM motor selection. It enables the OEM to control motor speed, torque, or airflow via serial commands, PWM, or 0-10V. A 16-pin thermostat converter is available for use in traditional 16-pin thermostat applications. The wide dual- voltage range, 115/230-277 with a single-motor design, makes it a good choice to cover both residential and commercial applications.

The Comfort Select targets applications where efficiency is the key driver in ECM motor selection. It allows the OEM to select up to five user-defined speed or torque set points at which the motor will operate. Although single voltage, the Comfort Select offers a wide 208-277 range for higher voltage applications.

The Comfort Plus targets applications where efficiency and full variable functionality are the key drivers in ECM motor selection. It provides the OEM to control motor speed, torque, or airflow control via a PWM signal. While the Comfort Plus offers full variable functionality, the reduced feature set (single voltage vs. dual voltage) makes it a logical choice for many target applications.

The complete line of Comfort Series products are programmed by the OEM to fit their application needs with the easy-to-use Comfort Series Development Software Suite.

Danfoss’ ( Performer® VSD combines scroll technology and a variable-frequency drive for energy savings of 20 percent. It is designed for the residential market and integrates power electronics, scroll technology, and advanced software.

The Performer VSD mates the first high-capacity scroll compressor for R-410A refrigerant with a variable-frequency drive to deliver exactly the capacity required for cooling every minute of the day, setting a new performance standard. With a delivered capacity range for the residential market from 3 to 5 tons, the compressor solves the problem of wasted energy at partial load, achieving energy savings that can exceed 20 percent.

Ideal for all climate zones, the Performer VSD offers exact temperature control with ±0.2°F. Comfort is further enhanced by the unit’s low vibration levels and quiet operation, with virtually no cycling noise at night.

The Performer VSD debuts a new motor design - the internal permanent magnet synchronous motor (IPM). Designed from the ground up with a cross-functional specialist team, the IPM offers efficiency up to 95 percent.

Meanwhile, its drive design allows downscaling of key components, eliminating the need for large AC line reactors and resulting in a high efficiency unit with a smaller footprint. The Performer VSD’s smart design also eliminates the need for an electronic printed circuit board on the outdoor unit, or a start capacitor.

The Enervex Flue Draft and CO Safety Monitor is an excellent way to safety-proof a boiler facility.

Enervex( has its flue draft and CO safety monitor (EBC 35), a draft control with a C0-monitor is an easy way to safe-proof your boiler facility. An integrated proven draft switch function ensures that if sufficient draft cannot be maintained, the control will lock out the boiler(s) within an adjustable time period. The CO transmitter with LCD display, monitors CO levels on location. The CO monitor meets OSHA and other safety requirements.

Features include CO monitoring and CO level display; daisy-chain multiple CO monitors; 0 to 125 ppm; boiler safety interlock; draft control and monitoring; Minimum 2-year sensor life span.

The Frigidaire FS4BI iQ Drive combines variable speed cooling technology with an electronic expansion valve for ultra-high efficiency.

Frigidaire( iQ Drive® split systems combine variable-speed cooling technology with an electronic expansion valve (EXV) for ultra-high efficiency. The Frigidaire iQ Drive air conditioner and heat pump utilize true variable-speed technology to achieve industry-leading cooling efficiency levels - up to 24.5 SEER in the air conditioner and 22 SEER in the heat pump. This efficiency is achieved through the use of inverter technology. The inverter varies the input frequency to the high-efficiency compressor and fan motors to control speed, and varies the voltage to control torque.

Inverter-driven rotary split systems such as the Frigidaire iQ Drive essentially run continuously to satisfy the cooling load. Because motors can modulate the system’s speed, the unit rarely shuts off like a traditional system; it is always running and fine-tuning its speed, anywhere from 40 to 118 percent of capacity.

The Frigidaire iQ Drive is also unique in that it uses a residential application of an EXV to adjust refrigerant flow to match the cooling load. Formerly used only on commercial equipment, the EXV is analogous to an electronic fuel-injection system on a car, whereas the standard TXV is similar to a carburetor.

Frigidaire iQ Drive split systems are available in 2, 3 and 4 tons.

Gates ( EPDM molded notch V-Belts are designed to deliver long life and energy cost savings. For example, V-belts on rooftop heating and cooling units are subjected to extremes of heat and cold that can shorten belt life. That’s why all Gates molded notch V-belts are now made with a patented EPDM (Ethylene Propylene Diene Monomer) material. This rubber compound provides a belt temperature range of -60°F to 230°F, which is 70 percent broader than the industry standard. The EPDM rubber material extends belt life by resisting the hardening that can lead to cracking. EPDM meets RMA (Rubber Manufacturers Association) standards for oil and heat resistance as well as static conductivity.

Gates’ unique molded notch shape delivers high load carrying ability along with increased flexibility. This design reduces bending stress, improving belt performance on small diameter sheaves. Compared to conventional wrapped V-belts, the increased efficiency of Gates EPDM notch belts can save up to 3 percent on energy costs.

Gates EPDM V-belts also provide improved wear resistance and stability under misaligned conditions to improve performance even when the drive pulleys are not perfectly aligned.

Precision machining of the belt sidewalls reduces vibration, placing less strain on other components of the drive system for extended life. And flex-bonded cords remain stable and resist stretch, reducing the need for retensioning.

Publication date: 04/04/2011