The American Society of Heating, Refrigerating, and Air-Conditioning Engineers Standard 34 subcommittee has assigned a designation of R-422A to an HFC refrigerant that ICOR International has been marketing since the first of the year as One-Shotâ„¢.

The refrigerant was also given an A-1 safety classification.

ICOR said the refrigerant could be used as a replacement for R-402A, -402B, -404A, -408A, -502, and -507A. The company said it could also replace R-22 in low-temperature applications. R-422 is a blend of 85.1 percent R-125, 11.5 percent R-134, and 3.4 percent R-600A (isobutene).

According to Gordon McKinney, ICOR national sales director, One-Shot is in 800 distribution locations in the United States and Canada. "The industry feedback we are receiving is purely positive," he said. "We plan to release our first conversion portfolio in August. The portfolio will showcase system conversions with quotes from installing contractors" who have already used the product.

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Publication date: 08/02/2004