According to ComStar International Inc., an HFC refrigerant that it markets as RS-45 and has been developed for possible use by OEMs instead of R-410A, has been “approved and given the designation of R-434A with an A-1 safety classification” by the American Society of Heating, Refrigerating and Air-Conditioning Engineers (ASHRAE). The company also said the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency has acknowledged the refrigerant will be added to its Significant New Alternatives Policy (SNAP) list of refrigerants.

ComStar said, “R-434A is an option for air conditioning and refrigeration equipment OEMs that want and need an HFC refrigerant for their current R-22-designed system” rather than having to redesign a system for use with R-410A.

“R-434A operates at similar pressures and is a capacity match for R-22 but with considerably lower discharge temperatures,” the company said. “R-434A’s coefficient of performance (COP) and compression ratio are virtually identical to R-22 and is compatible with mineral oil, alkyl benzene, and polyolester lubricants.”

The company said the refrigerants “high cooling capacity, energy efficiency and near azeotropic features” mean it can be used in such applications as commercial air conditioning, cold storage, supermarkets, dairy chillers, refrigerated transport, cellar cooling, and water chillers among others.

R-434A was developed and patented by Refrigerant Solutions Ltd. of the UK and is available in the United States through ComStar International Inc.

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Publication Date:09/03/2007