INEOS Fluor Americas LLC has announced that under the Environmental Protection Agency’s Significant New Alternatives Policy (SNAP) its refrigerant, KLEA® 407A (HFC-407A), has been approved for use in the following commercial applications:

• Retail food refrigeration (retrofit and new);

• Cold storage warehouses (retrofit and new);

• Refrigerated transport (retrofit and new);

• Commercial ice (retrofit and new);

• Ice skating rinks (retrofit and new);

• Residential and light commercial air conditioning and heat pumps (retrofit and new).

The manufacturer said R-407A is a replacement for R-22 in existing systems or an alternative in new construction. According to the manufacturer, recent trials in supermarkets across several states have shown R-407A offers a balance of capacity and efficiency over the food retail operating range. Users need to follow retrofit procedures to replace R-22 with R-407A.

The manufacturer also said R-407A can be used as an alternative to existing HFC supermarket refrigerants such as R-404A as it can be used with existing technology and equipment.

Publication date:06/22/2009