CHICAGO - Minco is introducing an air handling system sensor that includes both a low temperature cut-out sensor (freeze stat) and an averaging resistance temperature sensor in one self-contained unit.

Designed and manufactured for the HVAC and building automation markets, the Chill-Outâ„¢ Combination Sensor features an entirely solid state design with the relay integral to the tubing.

"In today's conventional sensors, the relay must be housed outside the air flow system to work properly," said Marty Knutson, marketing manager at Minco. "This means that the entire length of the attached wound spiral tubing must be carefully uncoiled and threaded though a small mounting hole into the airflow area. The Chill-Out Combination Sensor eliminates this process and therefore reduces installation time and effort."

The sensor's design is also said to be more reliable than conventional sensors. The solid-state design replaces gas-filled capillary tubes, to eliminate the risk of kinking during installation or the occurrence of field failures due to leaking.