Bill Spohn points out the qualities of Testo’s new wireless probes at Tuesday’s press conference.
CHICAGO - Testo is introducing new Compact and CompactPro classes of instruments with an industry first... wireless probe capability for HVAC and critical HVAC temperature and humidity measurements.

Even though Testo is showing 18 new products this week at the AHR Expo, Bill Spohn, product manager, HVACR for Testo, focused in on the company's new wireless capabilities plus its new refrigeration system analyzer at a Tuesday afternoon press conference held at the McCormick Place.

Referring to the wireless technology, Spohn noted that the "accurate and easy-to-use battery powered probes" can be used up to 65 feet away from the handheld Compact and CompactPro meter.

"With this technology, you now can really be in two places at the same time," said Spohn.

A user-installed module (similar to a cell phone SIM card) adds wireless capability to the appropriate meter in each class, he said. Reliable, secure RF transmission technology provides the flexibility to place a probe anywhere it's needed, he said. In the end, this allows the technician to perform multiple tasks, complete long-term measurements, all without instrument cables, climbing ladders, or hanging from unsafe positions.

"A true modular design allows the wireless handle to accept an impressive range of interchangeable probe heads for both routine and specialized temperature and humidity measurements," said Spohn. "Features such as interference-avoidance circuitry, battery management, transmission rate control, and auto-off puts you in control of your wireless solution."

The Compact series instruments have been redesigned with a sleek, ergonomic shape, larger backlit screen, and essential functions, all available from a four-button keypad.

In regard to the company's new refrigeration system analyzer, Spohn said the testoKool 523 gauge set "lets you quickly and accurately service all A/C, refrigeration, and heat-pump systems." Rugged and accurate sensors are designed to allow for precise measurement of high- and low-side pressures and saturation temperatures for up to 38 built-in refrigerants, he said.

"Superheat and subcooling values are calculated automatically with a line temperature probe eliminating extra steps. All readings are displayed on a backlit LCD."

The built-in, two-way manifold and sight glass is designed to allow for easy monitoring and control of refrigerant flow during service.