CHICAGO - American Moisture Monitoring Systems (AMMS) is announcing its patented MoistureSentryâ„¢ system at the AHR Expo here.

"What you can't see can hurt you, and, at the time of a home sale, excess moisture and the resulting mold growth leaves you with a hefty repair bill and questionable bill of health," said Mark S. West, director of distribution development for AMMS. "The EPA states more than 42 percent of all homes exhibit damages from excessive moisture. These damp indoor spaces are breeding grounds for mold and other bacteria, which release harmful mycotoxins. Like a weather forecaster tracking a hurricane, MoistureSentry constantly watches and waits for the slightest change in moisture content in wood so it can move into action and dry the enclosed environment to safe levels."

According to the company, the MoistureSentry system directly addresses the spread of mold and bacteria at the source - at the wood-moisture content level. MoistureSentry attacks indoor moisture with a combination of sensors, dehumidifiers, power blowers, and temperature-triggered AMMS SafeAirâ„¢ vents, which are designed to maintain a safe moisture level in any crawlspace or basement.