There is a new kid on the block. It is a software program called WorkTrack, which offers business owners a means to manage employee time, job, and location. WorkTrack is made by Aligo, a San Francisco-based manufacturer of "enterprise software solutions."

According to the company, WorkTrack combines proven, leading-edge mobile software expertise with advanced global positioning system (GPS) technology to offer companies real-time centralized view and control of their workforce.

Some of the WorkTrack's key features include:

  • Device and interface simplicity for field personnel: A GPS-enabled mobile phone is the only device required for employees to record their job status. According to the company, WorkTrack employs intuitive, one-button commands that allow field service workers to report job start, break, and finish times.

  • Web-based centralized management for administrators: WorkTrack employs a "dashboard" view that centralizes employee and job information, giving management the ability to see the location and job status of their workers easily, the company said. Administrators can take an "at-a-glance" view of the entire workforce, or can drill down to individual worker location and job completion status. In addition, the console provides the ability to add, remove, or reschedule jobs.

  • Instant, accurate report generation: According to the company, the WorkTrack Report Engine allows managers to generate time, job, and location reports that format to existing management and reporting programs. In addition, companies can use WorkTrack to automate billing and payroll functions.

    "Aligo's WorkTrack is a cost-effective means of employee time, job, and location management which helps us streamline our operations and better serve our customers," said Gary London, president of Acme Mechanical Contractors, Manassas, Va. "The solution allows us to capture employee shift times, validate their location, and create Web-based reports to better manage and utilize our field force."

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    Publication date: 03/22/2004