Chilling at the top of the Refrigeration and Ice Machines niche is Heatcraft Worldwide Refrigeration’s Composite Mechanical Enclosure. The unit is this year’s category winner in the 2013 Dealer Design Awards.

It is a refrigeration system that combines parallel refrigeration systems, controls, wiring, heat exchangers, and other critical components into one easy-to-install unit. This product provides a factory piped and wired system that, according to the company, reduces installation time while eliminating the requirement for a separate machine room, which in turn maximizes supermarket retail space.

“Heatcraft leveraged decades of knowledge and development expertise in this product,” said Dustan Atkinson, product manager, Heatcraft Worldwide Refrigeration. “We gathered intelligence from outside focus groups and consultants with expertise in a wide array of fields including aerospace, automotive, and RV industries among others.”

The composite mechanical enclosure can be utilized in any application where parallel refrigeration systems are used. This is most commonly food retail environments, but may also apply to cold-storage, food-processing, or other large refrigeration applications.

Just for the Contractor

In an effort to design with the contractor in mind, Heatcraft improved the ambient lighting and ergonomics of the Composite Mechanical Enclosure.

“The product has improved visibility inside the enclosure to provide technicians with a more enhanced, well-lit workspace,” explained Atkinson. “It also provides shelter from the elements to enable a technician to safely do his or her job, even in harsh conditions.” Another installation de-
sign improvement eliminated the requirements for cutting and installing glass-based insulation.

Installation and Service

The Composite Mechanical Enc-
losures come completely assembled to customer specifications which helps minimize the amount of configuration required in the field. It has a factory brazed and wired refrigeration system and eliminates the need for a separate machine room for refrigeration components.

The enclosure allows refrigeration equipment to be positioned close to refrigeration loads. According to the company, this significantly reduces the complexity and length of refrigerant line runs.

There is a composite skin on the enclosure that provides visibility inside, even if no interior light sources are used, and it features a nonskid flooring surface. The exterior skin can be cleaned, and is UV and impact resistant. It resists chemicals commonly found in refrigeration system environments including polyolester (POE) oils, mineral oils, lubricating oils, motor oils, and common refrigerants. According to Heatcraft, 50 percent of the composite skin is made of a recycled material. The unit features 2-inch EPS insulation for thermal and sound insulation, and a stress skin design helps spread mechanical loads over the entire surface and structure of the enclosure. The composite design reduces enclosure weight by approximately 40 percent, potentially reducing the cost for crane rental and structural steel.

Future Pursuits

In the future, Heatcraft is looking to pursue qualification for use of the Composite Mechanical Enclosure in areas of excessive snow loading, as well as wind and hurricane certification. There are plans to develop additional size offerings to cover a broader range of applications.

Gold Winner Highlights

Heatcraft Worldwide Refrigeration
Composite Mechanical Enclosure

Silver Winner

Slim Contour Unit Cooler

The Slim Contour Unit Cooler from Heatcraft Worldwide Refrigeration has a low-height profile that maximizes storage space within a walk-in cooler while incorporating design features that enhance the unit’s performance, installation, and serviceability, according to the company. The design integrates an advanced air mover with a modular, high-strength resin housing and a refrigeration duty-optimized small-diameter coil. It has modular air-mover cassettes that can be removed prior to installing the unit in order to considerably reduce the weight of the unit and strain on the installing contractor. The unit also incorporates both the mechanical and electrical service components on the same side of the unit, allowing for easier and faster installation and maintenance.

Silver Winner Highlights

Heatcraft Worldwide Refrigeration
Slim Contour Unit Cooler

Bronze Winner

NEO Undercounter Ice Machine

NEO™ Undercounter Ice Machine from Manitowoc Foodservice is an all-in-one, undercounter ice-making and storage solution. Applications include restaurants, bars, cafés, coffee shops, stadium boxes, offices, and more. The simplified food zone is easy to clean with rounded corners and the relocation of key components outside the food zone. NEO offers up to 33 pounds more of ice production within the same footprint of the company’s existing models over a 24-hour period. It offers operators feedback and vital performance and operational information at a glance. Universally recognizable display icons and buttons are located on the front of the machine and are illuminated by long-life LED indicator lights, including power, delay, cleaning, bin full, and service.

Bronze Winner Highlights

Manitowoc Foodservice
NEO™ Undercounter Ice Machine

Bronze Winner

Secondary Fluid Control System

The Secondary Fluid Control System consists of a secondary fluid control, a stepper motor-driven modulating valve, and three temperature sensors. Utilizing the three temperature sensors — inlet, outlet, and discharge air — the Sporlan control optimizes the performance of the evaporator, while maintaining stable discharge air temperature. According to the company, by focusing on stability at the evaporator level, that stability propagates throughout the system, allowing components and systems to stabilize at a steady-state condition, and also react appropriately to load fluctuations, including transitions in and out of defrost. In practice, this package has demonstrated temperature control stability with 0.5°F of set point, with no adjustments other than setting discharge air temperature.

Bronze Winner Highlights
Parker Hannifin — Sporlan Division
Secondary Fluid Control System

Bronze Winner

Commercial Series

Sandwich Top Refrigerator

The Commercial Series Sandwich Top Refrigerator from Hoshizaki America Inc. has a front-breathing airflow design for the refrigeration system, which allows it to fit in tight, compact spaces with zero clearance required at the sides and back. It also distributes air evenly to maintain food product at required NSF serving temperatures with a patent-pending air distribution duct. The stainless steel hood is insulated for additional energy savings. The magnetic door gasket is removable for cleaning. The doors of the CRMR27-8 are also field reversible by the end user without a kit. It ships with standard 6-inch casters and an 8-foot cord. Contractors can roll and place the unit into a designated space.

Bronze Winner Highlights
Hoshizaki America Inc.
Commercial Series Sandwich Top Refrigerator

Publication date: 7/22/2013 

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