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Staying on top of an HVAC business can be exhausting, especially if the company has to outsource and pay for various tools such as phone providers, review services, and texting services, to name a few. What if a company could have all of their communication needs met through the use of a single platform? That’s what Weave Communications offers to its customers.

With the motto “The all-in-one communication for small businesses,” Weave offers home service professionals a way to help consolidate services and access everything they need in one convenient location. Although the company has been around since 2011, Weave launched into the home services market about a year ago. This was the company’s first time setting up a booth at the AHR Expo.

Weave at AHR Expo.

AHR DEBUT: This year was the first time Weave, new to the home service industry, set up a booth at the AHR Expo. (Staff photo)

Mike Hague, director of sales for home services at Weave, said they decided to set up a booth at the Expo for several reasons, the main one being for the purpose of industry research. He explained that although the end goal is to sign customers and get them on board with Weave, they set up a booth to gain more cognitive and brand awareness — to learn about their customers and understand who's in the market.

Although the company only went public recently, Weave is in over 22,000 locations across the U.S. and Canada.

“We're probably one of the most popular companies that no one's ever heard of,” noted Hague.

Weave Mobile App.

CONVENIENCE: The Weave mobile app can make it easier for HVAC technicians to handle their business needs on the road or at a job. (Staff photo)

Home services can be a very remote industry, especially when techs are on the road all day. Hague said that the Weave mobile app can help make an HVAC contractor’s life simpler by granting them the ability to handle their business needs from anywhere on the road or at a job. The app even gives them access to a review system, so they can directly post or reply back to Google and Facebook reviews.

Hague explained that reviews help with two things in a small business: reputation management and search results.

“If I tell you, ‘Hey, we're from Salt Lake, you should go to this Mexican restaurant,’ there's about a 95% chance before you go to that restaurant, you're going to search for the reviews. That’s your reputation,” said Hague.

As for search results, Hague pointed out that when consumers are in need of home services, they don’t search for the name of the owner or the same of the company — they simply search phrases such as “new heater near me.” The Google carousel and Google Maps results are based on the freshness and frequency of a company’s reviews, and Hague said that’s what they push to their customers; building a strategy to capture reviews on a steady basis, which Weave can help track.

New to the home services space, Hague said that Weave is excited to make connections and help HVAC contractors build their businesses. He shared that the company will likely be setting up a booth at next year’s AHR Expo in Atlanta, Georgia.