Future trends in refrigerants, Environmental Protection Agency regulations governing leak rates, cogeneration, electronic stepper valves, power procurement, compressor technology, secondary coolants, and technician training are among the topics on the agenda for the 26th Annual Energy and Technical Services Conference presented by the Food Marketing Institute (FMI) Sept. 18-21 in Montreal.

The refrigerant topic - to be presented by Warren Beeton, vice president of engineering for Copeland - will deal with the newest refrigerants and the possibility of the EPA regulating HFCs in the future.

Representatives of the EPA will be on hand to discuss a range of matters including the latest leak rate regulations. Also, Deborah White, vice president and associate general counsel for FMI, will present the FMI perspective on such matters and advocacy efforts on behalf of members.

Jim Kirk, director of engineering for A&P, will describe how his company used a prefabricated micro-turbine combined heating, cooling, and power co-generation system in a new store to reduce utility costs. The case study will cover the inception, planning, commissioning, and operation of the project.

A discussion on the use of electronic stepper valves for refrigeration system control and reduced energy usage will include typical applications and results from the field. An open forum on power procurement will deal with the ability to purchase power in a competitive market.

Representatives of Copeland, Carlyle, and Bitzer will look at future evolutions of compressor technology and how they will accommodate new refrigerants.

The continuing interest in secondary refrigerant technology in supermarket settings is producing two presentations. A group of engineers from Wegmans, Clemens, and Sav-A-Lot stores will discuss how effective glycol is as a secondary coolant. Topics will include system design, installation and cost comparisons, energy usage, case temperatures, product integrity, and maintenance of systems and cases. Then a presenter from the Loblaw's supermarket chain will talk about how his company developed a new store format to allow for the extensive use of secondary loop refrigeration technology. The objectives of the project were to reduce refrigeration loads and leaks, and improve heat recovery and cold storage conditions.

Technician Training

The topic of technician training is resulting from "the supermarket industry adapting to changing formats and new technologies" resulting in "the finding of qualified refrigeration technicians becoming more a challenge," according to Jerry Meyer, manager of Hussmann Learning Solutions, who will make the presentation. The seminar promises to provide ways "to develop an effective recruitment and training program and how to renew interest in this important skill."

On Tour

The four days of events also include a tour of area supermarkets, various social events, and a golf outing. The event is open to retailers/wholesalers, associate members, and nonmembers. The hotel is the LeCentre Sheraton in downtown Montreal.

Conference content questions can be directed to Aileen Dullaghan Munster at 202-220-0704 or adullaghan@fmi.org. If there are registration questions, they can be directed to Elizabeth Newton at 202-220-0711.

For more information, visit www.fmi.org.

Publication date: 07/04/2005