WALLED LAKE, MI — Continuity Programs Inc. (CPI), a marketing company headquartered here, has announced the development of a new customer follow-up system for the HVACR industry.

CPI, a creator of customer follow-up programs for the mortgage and real estate industries, designed its “Connections” program to help HVACR dealers in four major areas of their business.

David Epps, president of CPI, said, “The “Connections” program helps to retain customers, increase the percentage of referrals, increase customer satisfaction, and gives HVACR companies a way to cross-sell other products. Let’s face it — referrals and repeaters are the way to build your business without expensive advertising and promotion. But, how do you ensure that when the need arises, the first call they make will be to you, not your competitor?”

“Connections” is designed to generate leads by maintaining a constant and automatic flow of professionally designed two-way communication between the dealer and its customers. The program encourages customers to communicate with the company’s sales associate. Through this communication, these customers become a source of information regarding their future HVACR needs. The program helps to promote year-round customer loyalty while building revenues and profits.

Gary Marowske, president of Flame Furnace Co. of Warren, MI, has been using the program for about three months. “It started working almost from day one,” said Marowske. “We are already getting referrals from recent new customers, and the customer surveys are coming back at a rate of about 25%. We are very happy with the results so far.”

For more information, contact David Epps at 800-521-0026.

Publication date: 11/25/2002