CELdek® is a low-cost evaporative cooling media (pad) made of cellulose material that is self-supporting, resistant to deterioration, and requires low maintenance, says the company. Its cross-fluted structure supplies a large surface area where water evaporates to provide cost-effective cooling, and it is deeply impregnated with cellulose to make the pad stronger and more durable than conventional pads, the company says. The media also offers a low pressure drop, high drift-free velocity, and high water absorbency, says the manufacturer.

HumiCool Division, Munters Corp., 108 Sixth St. SE, P.O. Box 6428, Fort Myers, FL 33911; 800-446-6868 or 941-936-1555; www.muntersamerica.com/humicool (website). eProduct #188

Publication date: 04/23/2001