GLASdek® evaporative cooling media were developed for applications requiring UL 900 Class II fire rating or compliance with NFPA codes, says the manufacturer. They are commonly used for humidification after gas-fired furnaces, as pre-coolers of large natural gas compressor stations, and for air cooling in schools. The product offers the highest cooling efficiency with the least resistance to airflow — up to 90% in the 400 to 500 fpm velocity range, the company says. Other features include high drift-free velocity and high water absorbency, says the company.

HumiCool Division, Munters Corp., 108 Sixth St. SE, P.O. Box 6428, Fort Myers, FL 33911; 800-446-6868 or 941-936-1555; (website).

eProduct #184

Publication date: 05/28/2001