AUSTIN, TX — The Texas Chapter of the Air Conditioning Contractors of America (TACCA) kicked off its 2002 Fall Conference with a speech from a familiar Texas face.

Daryl Johnston, former running back for the Dallas Cowboys and current television broadcaster for Fox Sports, spoke about “Opportunities for Success.” Johnston should know a little about success, having played on three Super Bowl-winning teams.


Johnston told conference attendees, “Everyone has a desire to win — not necessarily the will to win. It is important to be prepared to win.”

Johnston summed up his philosophy as a player and a broadcaster this way: “Luck is what happens when preparation meets opportunity.”

Johnston talked about what he went through to prepare for each football season, citing the conditioning programs, which always began on March 1 and continued up until training camp in July and August.

Johnston also used his broadcasting career as an example of preparation. He talked about former National Football League coach and current sportscaster John Madden (now a television commentator for ABC’s “Monday Night Football”), asserting that Madden revolutionized football broadcasting with his tenacious preparation techniques, which included watching game film and interviewing players and coaches.

“There are people who don’t have the drive or the motivation, who don’t appreciate the importance of preparation,” Johnston said, pointing to his former coach as another example. “Jimmy Johnson was successful because he prepared us.

“I know this is a cliche, but there is no substitute for hard work.”

Johnston added that it is important to have a passion for your job, saying, “If you don’t love your job, you can’t get through the hard times.”

Johnston left conference attendees with another quote. “Opportunities are not lost. They are filled by others.”

Publication date: 11/04/2002