Through a partnership, Public Service Company of New Mexico (PNM) is offering Nexus Energyguide’s interactive energy content on its website site to help customers improve energy efficiency and reduce energy bills.

PNM is co-branding the company’s Home and Business Energy Analyzer tools. In addition, to reach the maximum number of customers, PNM said it is offering its customers versions of Home Energy Analyzer on CD and in print mail-back form. Both of these direct-mail tools share a common energy analysis platform with Home Energy Analyzer.

In a nutshell, Energy Analyzer is a highly graphical, interactive tool designed to help consumers and businesses determine where energy is used in either their home or business. According to PNM, users can see how their energy usage compares to other similar homes or businesses in their general vicinity and identify personalized steps they can take to reduce their energy use and improve comfort levels or business productivity.

“We are very pleased to be able to use our website as another option for our customers looking for practical, meaningful information about their energy use,” said Rafael Tapia, senior business developer for PNM. “With Energy Analyzer, our customers have a state-of-the-art tool that helps them create a custom energy savings action plan, putting them in control of their energy usage.”

“Energy Analyzer provides a user with valuable feedback while providing PNM with a new cost-effective channel for communicating with its customers and learning more about them. Ultimately, PNM will be armed with the knowledge necessary to target the most relevant offers to its customers and tailor future communications,” said Harvey Michaels, ceo of Nexus Energyguide. According to the manufacturer, over 50 clients use its tools under private label. Nexus Energyguide’s utility partner list includes National Grid, Tennessee Valley Authority, Duke Power, San Diego Gas & Electric, and Puget Sound Energy.

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Publication date: 06/18/2001