Fresh Express and Hussmann Corp. have worked together to test Hussmann’s modular defrost system. The system has been designed to keep cases running colder. Instead of defrosting an entire case line-up at once, the modular defrost system only defrosts every third coil down the line-up, which keeps the entire case from warming up. For example, with a line-up of three 12-ft cases, the left-hand coil in each case would defrost first. An hour later, the center coil in each case would defrost, and an hour after, the right coil would defrost. The process then starts over. The modular defrost system, which is patented, is designed to extend product shelf life. “Fluctuating product temperatures often result in condensation in the packages of fresh products which, in turn, causes product breakdown,” said Jeff Leshuk of Fresh Express. “With the modular defrost system, you get a more even temperature. The product looks better and lasts longer.”

The modular defrost system is also designed to be energy efficient. Lab and field tests have documented a 5% reduction in energy use, according to Hussmann. The modular defrost system is designed for medium temperature models with off time.

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