Heatcraft Refrigeration Products’ Mohave™ Advanced Hot Gas Defrost System is a complete system that includes an evaporator, condensing unit, and controller with factory mounted components on the evaporator and condensing unit. The evaporator’s standard features include a mounted expansion valve and distributor nozzle, mounted check valves, mounted liquid line solenoid, and suction “P” trap. Standard features of the condensing unit include receivers sized with sufficient pump down capacity with inlet and outlet service valves, suction and discharge vibration eliminators, replaceable liquid line filter drier, replaceable suction line filter and suction accumulator. Available in 6-40 HP and as medium or low temperature models, a hot gas or electric drain pan is optional.

The Mohave uses a dedicated electronic controller to finely tune and optimize the hot gas defrost cycle. It is designed for simplicity and optimal performance in agricultural, process cooling, cold storage, and warehouse applications. When service is needed on the unit, it is equipped for quick and easy troubleshooting. It features a Service Mode in which the technician can manually operate outputs, test the operation of every relay in the system, and see its status and diagnostics of the unit with LED indicators.

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