ARGYLE, Texas — JB Warranties, which provides warranties in the HVAC and plumbing industries, has teamed up with ServiceTitan, a software platform for the trades, to streamline operations and enhance service for field-service professionals.

The newly introduced JB360 offers full two-way integration, enabling users to access warranty plans and claims data directly from ServiceTitan. This innovation has the potential to significantly reduce administrative burdens, allowing contractors to close more deals, increase customer satisfaction, and create additional revenue streams through warranty renewals, a JB Warranties press release said.

“With the integration of JB360 into ServiceTitan, we are improving how HVAC and plumbing contractors manage their warranty offerings,” said Kevin Thornton, vice president of dealer business services at JB Warranties. “This tool is designed to save time and add value, making warranty management a strategic advantage for our customers.”

The integration features a two-click plan and claims-filing process, simplifying the complexities traditionally associated with warranty administration, the press release said. It ensures that all team members stay informed with up-to-date plan information and status updates, improving operational efficiency, the press release said.

“As a beta customer, integrating JB360 with our ServiceTitan tenant is proving to be a great decision,” adds Ryan Camp, president of Harrington Air Conditioning in Pinellas Park, Florida. “We are leveraging warranties to provide our customers with the peace of mind and service levels they deserve. The JB360 integrated solution saves us time and provides us full visibility into warranty plans and claims to run our business efficiently and effectively service our customers.”

“Our mission at ServiceTitan is to provide the trades industry with technology that can significantly improve the life of every single contractor,” said Tyler Beesley, vice president of business development at ServiceTitan. “JB Warranties is a trusted brand in the HVAC and plumbing space. ServiceTitan is proud to join forces with their team to increase efficiency and convenience with the warranty process for our customers and the customers they serve.”